Salvatore Anello Video – Negligent Blunder Or Full Fledged Murder?

Salvatore Anello’s video will deeply move you. The video first appeared online in 2019 and depicted Salvatore hanging and tossing his eighteen months old granddaughter from the 11th floor of a cruise ship.

The unfortunate 18-month-old baby’s name was Chloe Wiegand. Salvatore Anello was playing with his granddaughter in the “Kids Water Zone” of the Freedom of the Seas vessel when he lifted her from the 11th-story window, which he was aware was open.

In the days following Chloe’s tragic death, Salvatore claimed he was unaware of the open window.

The Wiegand family had filed a lawsuit against the cruise line after Chloe’s death in July, alleging the company’s failure to safeguard Chloe and other vacationers from potentially hazardous open windows.

Anello has denied knowledge of the window being open, asserting that he had picked up Chloe so she could tap on the glass as she did at her older brother’s hockey matches.

The management of the Royal Caribbean took the initiative to conduct a thorough investigation. The investigation revealed that Salvatore Anello, wearing a dark shirt, leaned his upper body out of the window for 8 seconds before picking up Chloe, who was wearing a white sunhat from the floor.

“When he arrives at the open window, and while Chloe is on the floor, Mr. Anello leans his upper torso over the wooden railing and out of the window frame for approximately eight seconds. Because Mr. Anello had himself leaned out the window, he was well aware that the window was open,” stated the papers, according to WTHR.

Royal Caribbean stated that the video shows Anello lifting his granddaughter over the wooden rail to the open window, holding her dangerously for approximately 34 seconds, during which time she unfortunately fell.

The Caribbean additionally stated that Anello’s action of lifting and dangling Chloe out the window constitutes reckless endangerment of her life.

Anello was confronted with criminal charges in Puerto Rico, where prosecutors accused him of negligent homicide in Chloe’s death.

The case against the Royal Caribbean took a turn when Anello admitted guilt in court.

What occurred with Salvatore Anello?

After admitting guilt to the death of his 18-month-old granddaughter aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in 2019, Salvatore was given a three-year probation sentence, as per a statement from the Puerto Rican government.

He will serve his sentence in Michigan, where he resides.

In a statement after the sentencing, Anello said he agreed to admit guilt so he and the girl’s family could concentrate on a civil case against the cruise line.

Anello was charged with negligent homicide months after the incident and initially pleaded not guilty, but he changed his plea as part of a deal with the prosecutors.

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    As a reader, I find the title of the text to be quite dramatic and attention-grabbing. It immediately raises questions about the incident involving Salvatore Anello and the tragic death of a young child. The use of the words “negligent blunder” and “full-fledged murder” suggests that there may be differing opinions on whether Anello’s actions were accidental or intentional.

    I am curious to read the text and understand the facts surrounding the incident. It seems like there might be a debate about the level of responsibility that Anello should bear for the child’s death. I wonder if the author will present both sides of the argument and provide evidence to support their claims.

    Overall, I expect the text to delve into the details of the case and explore the legal and moral implications of Anello’s actions. I hope it will offer a balanced perspective and allow me to form my own opinion on whether this was a negligent mistake or a more serious offense.