Sam Smith’s Boyfriend: Scandals And Rumors

No individual possesses accurate details about Sam Smith’s partner, and the British artist prefers to keep their romantic life private.

When questioned about their relationship situation and preference by The Sun in the United Kingdom, they expressed, “I’ve never really adhered to the conventional standards. I cherish people, and whoever I develop feelings for, that’s the person I care for. I don’t know who that’s going to be. Now I don’t know what gender they will be, to be honest, and that’s liberating — not being confined to one category of person. I simply fall in love with whoever captures my heart.”

Fans of Sam Smith have always been curious about their romantic life due to the fact that some of their most renowned tunes belong to the romantic genre. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to assume that the artist is as romantic as the music they create.

Even though Sam Smith has never explicitly discussed their relationship status, they had a fairly public relationship with Brandon Flynn, a star from ’13 Reasons Why’.

The artist has also been romantically linked to Francois Rocci, Jonathon Zeizel, Charlie King, Jay Camilleri, and Andy Newton Lee.

When asked about the correlation between their relationship status and music, Sam remarked, “For a LGBTQ+ individual, their initial relationship is at times a significant experience because it’s where you learn the most about yourself. And so [the Love Goes album is] more about me and my journey after that, really. But yeah, it is essentially a breakup album.”

In January 2015, the singer and model confirmed their relationship with Jonathan Zeizel on Instagram. In March 2016, reports emerged that Sam was in a relationship with Jay, a British model.

Despite Sam never publicly confirming their romance, Jay candidly spoke about their relationship in an interview with The Mirror.

Following their involvement with Jay, Sam was speculated to be dating the British actor Andy Newton Lee. The pair never substantiated the rumors of their involvement publicly, and their relationship seemingly did not progress beyond that point.

In October 2017, Sam’s supporters were taken aback after images of Sam and Brandon kissing in New York City initially surfaced. A few days later, the artist affirmed their relationship with the actor during an interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

All about Sam Smith’s Grammy Award Victory

Sam Smith and Kim Petras delivered a powerful rendition of ‘Unholy’ at the 2023 Grammys.

Smith commenced the song in a red leather outfit, encircled by a group of dancers reminiscent of Samara from “The Ring,” before transitioning to Petras dancing in a cage, flanked by some individuals wearing satanic headgear.

Smith also sported a satanic top hat as massive flames intensified the stage. Smith and Petras secured the Grammy for best pop duo/group performance.

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