Samuel Garner Affleck, The Youngest Of The Pack of Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner’s Children

Samuel Garner Affleck is the progeny of Academy Award winner and film star, Ben Affleck and his former spouse and movie actress, Jennifer Garner. Their bond is considered one of the lengthiest enduring celebrity couple relationships. Despite their separation, they continue to be admirable friends and a role model for raising children.

The renowned celebrity couple of Hollywood always grabbed attention during their time together, and their youngest child Samuel Garner Affleck is the last testament of their love.

He is the fourth offspring of the Batman actor, Ben Affleck and 13 Going on 30 actress, Jennifer Garner. Their other two kids are named Violet and Seraphina.

The ex-couple also sets an example and serves as a model for anyone seeking parenting advice or co-parenting standards, and for other couples who are estranged or divorced.

They are great friends and excel in caring for their kids.

Samuel’s Parents’ Romantic Alliance

When the couple announced their separation in 2015, it came as a shock to the whole world and their fans. The power couple had been united for many years (more than a decade), and many considered them as a duo to look up to for inspirational relationships.

Samuel Garner Affleck, The Youngest Of The Pack of Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner’s Children

Samuel Garner Affleck

Despite their disparities, they continue to cherish a friendly relationship and serve as role models for other parents when it comes to their children.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer both hold each other in high esteem as individuals and parents, and often spend time together. They occasionally have coffee visits at each other’s place and also go out with their kids so that they don’t feel neglected by their parents.

Samuel Garner Affleck – Who is He?

As the only son in the family, Samuel Garner Affleck is the youngest among the children of the celebrity couple. Contrary to what one might expect from the youngest child, he is reserved, quiet and keeps to himself, but that doesn’t hinder him from enjoying himself.

His parents describe him as someone with a humorous side. He loves having fun and enjoys whatever he does.

His Approximate Net Worth

As the son of an Oscar winner and renowned actress, he is set to inherit a substantial fortune from his parents.

Ben Affleck is estimated to be worth over $130 million, while Jennifer Garner’s net worth is estimated to exceed $60 million. Samuel is undoubtedly going to live a life of affluence.

Events Surrounding Samuel’s Birth

From the outset, Ben desired a son. When the couple welcomed their daughter Seraphina in 2009, fans speculated that they might take a break.

But three years later, Jennifer announced her pregnancy again. It was public knowledge back then that Ben desired to have a son.

His wish was granted, and Samuel was born in 2012.

During that time, Ben and Jennifer were doing exceptionally well and were content with each other. This continued for the next three years. Problems began to emerge when the couple faced challenges.

At the time, Ben Affleck was struggling with alcohol addiction and work overload, which began to take a toll on him and his relationship.

After grappling for a couple of years, they decided to call it quits.

Initially, after announcing their divorce, the couple resided in the same property but stayed in separate living spaces to co-parent their children.

Co-parenting Samuel

The paparazzi captured the couple spending time together outside. Samuel joined his parents at the beach and participated in various activities.

With everyone living under the same roof, many speculated that they were reconciling their differences.

After attempting to work things out for a couple of years, Ben left the house and filed for divorce, which was finalized after a prolonged custody battle.

Both Ben and Jennifer sought joint legal and physical custody of all their children. Samuel continues to be the pivotal element that binds his parents together.

An Accomplished Baseball Player

Samuel is a talented baseball player. His father revealed this during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2019.

Ben Affleck’s admiration for his son was evident as he shared a glimpse into his son’s personal life. He referred to it as a “dream come true for a dad.”

Ben coached the team and expressed his enjoyment of spending time with his son and the other children. “It’s one of those things, you love it so much,” he emphasized during the interview.

Making the Headlines – Recent Incident

Samuel recently made headlines again when he accidentally collided his vehicle with another one.

The yellow luxury Lamborghini Urus was idling in a parking lot in Los Angeles when Samuel decided to take the wheel.

He accelerated the car and bumped into a white BMW parked behind him. The exquisite Lamborghini Urus is valued at approximately $200 thousand.

The collision affected the front wheel of the BMW but fortunately didn’t cause any injuries. Samuel then emerged from the car to assess the extent of the damage he had caused.

He was accompanied by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, Ben’s current girlfriend and former fiancee. Samuel took a chance to shine away from his parents’ watchful eyes.

The Impact of Samuel and His Siblings on His Parents

His father has openly expressed that the divorce remains the most regrettable decision of his life.

Samuel and his two sisters were the main reason why both parents tried to salvage their relationship and avoid parting ways. Although it wasn’t meant to be, both Ben and Jennifer cherish their children.

Despite being only 10 years old and transitioning into a teenager, Samuel continues to be the focal point for both his parents and their respective partners.

Although his mother Jennifer prefers to stay away from the media spotlight and maintain a level of privacy around her personal life, she also holds a deep affection for Samuel.

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