Sharleen Spiteri: A Famous Scottish Singer and Vocalist

Sharleen Spiteri, a Scottish singer and guitar player, is widely known as the primary vocalist of the rock band Texas.

From a young age, Spiteri developed a love for singing and has continued to pursue it ardently.

She climbed through various levels to become one of the most sought-after Scottish artists.

She sang in the contralto range and the global album by Texas had sales of 40 million copies in 2013.

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Sharleen Spiteri: Who is she?

Sharleen Spiteri, the lead singer of the rock band Texas, was born on November 7, 1967.

Prior to focusing solely on her singing career, she pursued work as a hairdresser. 

In 2017, Sharleen Spiteri performed with her band Texas in Berlin, where she served as the lead vocalist.

Texas, a band from Scotland established in 1986, has emerged as one of the most successful bands to originate from the country, with a record of selling 40 million CDs globally.

The band is particularly renowned for the albums White On Blonde (1996) and Southside (1989), which included the singles “Black Eyed Boy” and “Say What You Want,” respectively.

White On Blonde, the band’s most successful album, received six platinum discs in the UK and was nominated for the “Best Album in the Past 25 Years” at the BRIT Awards in 2010.

Spiteri is famous for her jet-black hair and a commanding contralto vocal range.

During the band’s hiatus from 2005 to 2013, Sharleen Spiteri also released two solo albums, Melody (2008) and The Movie Songbook (2010), alongside her work with Texas.

She is also a dedicated philanthropist who supports the CLIC Sargent Foundation for children with cancer.

Sharleen Spiteri: Where was she born?

Sharleen Spiteri, born on November 7, 1967, in Bellshill, Scotland, will be celebrating her 56th birthday in 2023.

Her lineage includes Maltese, Italian, Irish, and German roots.

Her mother, Vilma, was a singing window dresser, and her father, Eddie Spiteri, played the guitar.

Who is Sharleen Spiteri’s Husband?

Since 2018, Sharleen Spiteri has been in a happy relationship with Bryn Williams.

Prior to marrying Bryn, Spiteri had a romantic involvement with Arena magazine editor Ashley Heath. 

Their daughter, Misty Kyd Heath, was nicknamed Billy the Kid and the Wild West outlaw Play Misty for Me when she was born on September 9, 2002.

When her daughter was born, her close friend Thierry Henry dedicated a goal to her daughter by displaying the message “For the newborn Kyd” under his jersey, but unfortunately, the couple split in 2005.

Sharleen Spiteri wed the renowned chef Bryn Williams in September 2018 at the 15th-century St. Tyrnog Church in Llandyrnog, North Wales.

Does Sharleen Spiteri have any children?

There is a striking resemblance between Sharleen Spiteri and her daughter, Misty Kyd Heath.

Misty Kyd Heath is the daughter of Sharleen and her former partner Ashley.

Misty Kyd portrayed a younger version of her mother in the music video for Texas’ single “Unbelievable,” released in 2021.

The Texas Singer Social Media

On her verified Instagram account, Sharleen Spiteri has amassed over 69,000 followers.

The Scottish singer and guitarist is an active user of these social media platforms.

Spiteri’s net worth

As of June 2023, Sharleen Spiteri’s estimated net worth stands at $15 million. She has accumulated a substantial fortune through her career as a musician and vocalist.

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