Sibling Success: Who Is AJ Griffin Brother Alan Griffin In Basketball?

AJ Griffin, also known as Adrian Darnell Griffin Jr, is an emerging luminary in the American professional basketball arena. 

Presently affiliated with the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA, he previously displayed his prowess while representing the Duke Blue Devils in college basketball.

Griffin’s extraordinary talent was rapidly acknowledged, securing a four-star rating from ESPN, and a five-star rating from 247Sports and Rivals. 

He was chosen as the 16th overall pick by the Atlanta Hawks in the 2022 NBA Draft and subsequently participated in the NBA Summer League.

It’s worth noting that AJ Griffin’s brother, Alan Griffin, also shares his ardor for basketball. Alan is an accomplished player, currently associated with the Newfoundland Growlers in the CEBL. 

During his final year of high school, Alan led his team to multiple championships, culminating in him being bestowed with the Player of the Year title for Putnam and Westchester County.

Despite going undrafted in the 2021 NBA Draft, Alan has played for various teams, including the Rio Grande Valley Vipers and the Westchester Knicks. 

While with the Westchester Knicks, he secured a contract in December 2021 but was subsequently released in January 2022. Nevertheless, Alan continued to pursue his passion for basketball and signed with the Newfoundland Growlers in May 2022.

AJ Griffin And Alan Griffin’s Age Gap

AJ Griffin and his brother Alan Griffin share a tight-knit bond as siblings, with a negligible age gap of less than three years. AJ was born on August 25, 2003, making him 19 years old in 2023. 

Meanwhile, Alan, born on April 14, 2000, is currently 22 years old. Despite the slight age difference, both brothers have left an indelible mark in the realm of professional basketball.

In terms of physical attributes, AJ is marginally taller and heavier than his elder brother. He is listed at 6 feet 6 inches (1.98m) and 220 lb. (100 kg), while Alan boasts a listed height of 6 feet 5 inches (1.96m) and a listed weight of 190 lb. (86 kg).

Besides their basketball pursuits, the Griffin family comprises two sisters named Vanessa and Aubrey. Aubrey Griffin, an accomplished basketball player, earned the title of 2019 McDonald’s All-American before joining the UConn women’s basketball team. 

ESPN ranked her as the No. 6 player in her position and No. 33 overall in the 2019 recruiting class.

AJ and Alan were born to their parents, Adrian Darnell Griffin and Audrey Griffin, in Dallas, Texas, U.S. Adrian, a former NBA basketball player, has transitioned into a Toronto Raptors assistant coach. 

In his prime, he excelled as a small forward and shooting guard in the NBA from 1999 to 2008. Adrian started every game for three years for Seton Hall University, earning a place in the Seton Hall Athletics Hall of Fame.

Conversely, Audrey is an author and blogger who authored the modern parenting book “The Day I Took Off My Cape.” She also blogs about parenting from a lifestyle perspective for the popular parenting website “Removing the Cape.” 

Aside from her writing career, Audrey is a former National Basketball Wives Association vice president known as “Behind the Bench.”

In conclusion, the Griffin family is gifted and accomplished, with each member excelling in their respective fields. Both AJ and Alan Griffin have carved out successful careers in professional basketball, while their sister, Aubrey, is also making waves in the sport. 

Simultaneously, their parents, Adrian and Audrey, have distinguished themselves in their respective roles as a basketball coach and writer.

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