Skai Jackson Parents: The Driving Force Behind Her Career

Skai Jackson parents. Mr. Jacob Jackson and Mrs. Kiya Cole are incredibly proud of their daughter’s accomplishments. 

Jackson is an American actress, model, and youtuber. 

She gained widespread recognition after being selected as one of the most influential teens in 2016 and has achieved fame due to her numerous roles in television shows and movies. 

Her breakthrough role was in the Disney Channel sitcom “Jessie” (2011-2015), where she portrayed Zuri.

She was born on April 8, 2002, in Staten Island, New York. Unfortunately, Skai Jackson parents got divorced when she was young. Since then, she has been living with her mother. 

Her parents’ separation and divorce were challenging for her, but her mother’s unwavering love and support aided her through it. 

In an interview, she said, “My mom is my anchor. She’s always there for me, and I can always rely on her. She has been my strongest advocate throughout my career, and I’m so grateful to have her.”

Skai Jackson parents may have gone their separate ways, but their love and support have contributed to their daughter’s success in her career. 

With her parents’ guidance and motivation, Skai has become a successful actress, model, YouTuber, and author. 

Predictably, Skai’s father has remained out of the public eye, and very little is known about his personal life. As per sources, he is a director and producer who has worked on several short films and TV shows. 

However, Skai’s mother, Kiya Cole, has played a significant role in her daughter’s career. 

Her mother worked as a stylist for celebrities, including Ary J. Blige, P. Diddy, and Tupac Shakur.

Kiya Cole has also worked as a brand strategist and has played a significant role in helping Skai develop her brand. 

Skai Jackson’s parents maintained a strong relationship with their daughter despite the divorce. She has posted numerous pictures with her father and mother on her social media accounts.

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Who is Skai’s mother, Kiya Cole? 

Kiya Cole is not only Skai Jackson’s mother but also her manager. She was born on March 12, 1975. Cole began her career as a child model. 

Cole was born to Menalis and Joseph Cole, and she is the second among three siblings. Her brother’s name is Charlie, and her sister is named Nona. 

Furthermore, Skai Jackson’s mother graduated from Monroe College and is now the president of Chickie Productions, Inc., in Los Angeles. 

In 2016, Kiya got engaged to football coach Gene Salas, who has two children from a previous marriage. They tied the knot in June of that year, and Gene used to work with the Pacific Lutheran Stingrays Football in Gardena, CA. 

Like her mother, Skai Jackson’s father, Jacob Jackson, has since remarried and has two daughters with his new wife, Aurora, and Nala, born in 2010 and 2014, respectively.

Skai has always expressed gratitude to her mother for her immense support and guidance. 

The credit for her success as well as her debut, goes to Kiya. 

Who is Skai’s father, Jacob Jackson? 

Skai Jackson’s father name is Jacob Jackson. 

Limited information is available about him, as he is not a public figure, but he maintains a loving relationship with his daughter despite the physical distance between them.

Furthermore, Skai has occasionally posted pictures with her father and shared glimpses of her relationship with her father on her official Instagram account. 

She stated that he has never backed out from showing support for her career.

Skai expressed love for her father on Father’s Day on her Instagram account. In a post, she shared a throwback photo of them, and in the caption, she wrote, 

Thank you for being the best dad you can be, even if we are miles apart. I love you.”

Later, she shared photos of her father on his birthday, calling him her “day one” and “rock.” 

She has a loving relationship with her father, even though they may not live in the same place.

Skai Jackson’s early life 

Skai Jackson is recognized as a talented actress of Afro-Honduran and African-American descent.

Her acting career began when she was just four years old. She decided she wanted to become an actress after watching various TV shows. 

She was a fan of “That’s So Raven” and believed she could act as well as the actors on the show.

According to sources, Skai persuaded her parents to take her to an audition, which led to her being cast as Zuri Ross, one of the main characters in the popular Disney series “Jessie.” 

Despite her young age, Skai skillfully portrayed the character of a little girl who was too bright for her age and keen on blackmail.

The show ran for four seasons before ending, but Skai’s career continued to flourish. She made guest appearances in various TV shows and films, including “Austin & Ally” and “The Smurfs.” 

Skai also launched a YouTube channel where she shares her daily routine, skincare secrets, and holiday moments with her subscribers.

Before her acting debut, Skai appeared in several national commercials for well-known companies such as Band-aid, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Old Navy. 

Awards and achievements

Skai Jackson has received recognition for her exceptional performances throughout her professional career.

One of her notable nominations was for the Image Award in the Outstanding Performance by a Youth category for her role in the TV series Jessie in 2016. This nomination was a testament to her skill and talent as an actress, particularly at a young age.

Furthermore, she was nominated for the Shorty Awards in Best Influencer and Celebrity for her online presence in 2017. 

This award recognized her ability to engage and entertain her followers on various social media platforms.

Later, her contribution to the TV series Bunk’d was recognized with the Young Entertainer Award for Best Ensemble in a Television Series in 2018. 

Her nominations and awards reflect her hard work, dedication, and talent.

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