Skier Saves Snowboarder Full Video – Heroic Display Of Kindness

  • Skier rescues snowboarder full video is truly remarkable. 
  • The widely-circulated video on social media depicts a skier performing a daring rescue of a snowboarder who was trapped head first and then covered in snow.
  • The snowboarder, Steger, was traversing through the trees when a huge snow mound collapsed behind him. 
  • The footage shows the skier uncovering enough snow to reveal Steger’s face, ensuring he could breathe, and then using a shovel to free him.

The viral footage on social media captures a skier rescuing a snowboarder trapped headfirst and buried in the snow.

Francis Zuber had been skiing in the Mount Baker Ski Area in Washington when he noticed something unusual. 

Zuber’s GoPro camera recorded the extraordinary rescue of Ian Steger. Some reports suggest that a massive snow mound collapsed behind Steger as he snowboarded through the trees.

Zuber informed a news outlet that while skiing down the mountain, he spotted a “flash of color” to the side and quickly realized that someone had fallen into the snow. 

He calmly called out to the person he believed was trapped under the snow, but received no response from the other side.

Skier Rescues Snowboarder Full Video – Acts of Bravery

Washington state skier rescues snowboarder full video

After receiving no response and observing the flash of color, Zuber confirmed that someone was trapped and immediately began digging in the snow to rescue the individual.

In the footage, Zuber clears enough snow to reveal Steger’s face, asks if he can breathe, and then uses a shovel to free him.

The video of the skier rescuing the snowboarder gained widespread attention after Zuber shared it on Twitter, attracting over 650,000 views.

Zuber also posted the footage on his Instagram account last month. “If you ski or snowboard, take a moment to watch… I began writing a lengthy account of this experience, but I’ll save that for another time and let the video speak for itself,” he wrote in the caption.

Viewers of the video praised Zuber for his composed demeanor and quick rescue of Steger, who, if not for Zuber, may have perished in that spot. 

The footage shows Zuber checking on Steger’s condition while endeavoring to free him from the snow. In contrast, Steger mentioned that he did not hear anything as Zuber approached.

“I didn’t hear any of that. It was pitch dark. I could only hear my own breathing,” he said. Steger also expressed uncertainty about his chances of survival.

The moments that Steger spent trapped under the snow made him realize everything he wanted to achieve but thought he might not be able to.

Since the rescue, he and Zuber have met again and spent time together in the very location where they first crossed paths.

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