Stephen Danny Downs Now? Story Behind The Murder Case

Stephen Danny Downs is the progeny of Diane Downs, who is confined to a wheelchair. Diane Downs is an American woman accused of killing her two children near her home in Springfield, Oregon.

Following the tragedy, she informed law enforcement that a man had shot her two children.

What led her to harm her children? Who is Stephen Danny Downs? Is it factual that after her apprehension, Diane Downs absconded from the detention center? What is the reality behind the narrative? Let’s discover.

Who Is Stephen Danny Downs & His Current Whereabouts?

Stephen Danny Downs leads a private and low-profile life. The 42-year-old reportedly lives his everyday life and shares his random experiences, but he doesn’t disclose details about his personal and marital life.

The Background – A Condensed Overview

Diane Down is notorious for the killing of her innocent children. However, the motives behind the act remain undefined, but after the killing, she was abducted and given a life sentence.

She had been married twice, and during an interview, her former spouse – Steve Downs, when questioned about his wife, was silent and expressed his inability to justify the brutality committed by his ex-wife.

He further disclosed the impact it had on his innocent daughter Sherryl. 

The Reason for Children’s Killing & Her Version of the Incident

Diane Downs worked as a postal worker in Springfield, Oregon. She had three children, Danny, Christie, and Cheryl, aged eight, seven, and three, respectively.

One evening in 1983, Diane rushed to the emergency wing of Mckenzie-Willamette Hospital in Springfield, amid chaos, with her children who had been shot and were bleeding.

However, the medical experts examined the children upon their arrival and found Cheryl dead.

On the other hand, Christie and her younger brother, Danny, sustained severe injuries but remained conscious.

According to Diane’s account, a scruffy-haired stranger suddenly appeared and shot her children while robbing her car on a desolate rural road.

Furthermore, during conversations with medical staff, a bullet wound was also observed on her shoulder.

She claimed that she was on her way home after visiting a friend when she encountered this inhumane act. 

Her son, Danny, sustained severe injuries that left him paralyzed, while Christie suffered a stroke that affected her speech after enduring a severe injury.

Why Suspicions Fell on Diane during the Investigation

Preliminary investigations into the case revealed that Diane Downs was emotionally impassive, and her account of events involving her children was uncertain.

Investigators questioned why a mother would take her children out in the dark to meet with her friends.

During the course of the murder investigation, a notebook was discovered in which she expressed affection for a man, Lew, who did not wish to be associated with her and her children.

After receiving adequate medical treatment, Christie recovered and recollected the events of that night; she then informed the District Attorney that she had not encountered a stranger that night, and it was her mother who shot them all.

When Christie was asked about the reason behind her mother’s actions, she responded, “Perhaps she loved Lew more than us.”

When Did Steve Downs Encounter Diane Downs?

Here’s the undeniable truth: love is blind and can strike anyone. Danny Downs found himself in the same situation, as both met for the first time at school and studied together.

Danny was captivated by her beauty, independence, and striking appearance, and they were mutually attracted to each other.

Religiously, Diane Downs adhered to strict religious values and moral principles, but despite their intense attraction and legitimate love, they were unaware of their separate journeys. 

One’s dreams materialize only when the true path of life intersects with the destiny that is scripted for them.

The Couple’s Elopement and Marriage

After completing their studies, they went their separate ways for various reasons.

Steve aspired to pursue a career in the Navy, so he pursued his dreams.

On the other hand, Diane belonged to an affluent and devoutly religious family. Her family upheld the tradition and culture and adhered to cultural and religious values; she enrolled at Pacific Bible College.

It was exceedingly challenging for both of them to part ways after a deeply committed romantic relationship. When they realized that their parents would never consent to their marriage, they eloped.

They officially tied the knot in 1973 and lived together.

However, Diane’s parents had high hopes and expectations for their daughter, all of which were shattered.

A year after their union, the couple welcomed a child named Christie Ann, born in 1974. 

In 1976, Cheryl Lynn was born, and three years later, Downs gave birth to Stephen Daniel, born in 1979. 

However, the couple separated after seven years due to various reasons. Steve suspected that his wife was involved in an extramarital affair.

Subsequently, they went their separate ways, and in 1982, Diane gave birth to a daughter named Jennifer.

Where Is Christie Downs Today? 

Considered the key witness in her mother’s case, Christie Downs is now 46 and has encountered speech impairments following a surgical procedure.

She attended the University of Oregon and presently resides in town with her spouse and children. 

The couple welcomed a child in 2005, whom she named after her deceased sister, Cheryl. 

However, she no longer maintains any contact with her mother.

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