Stuart Seldowitz Reddit: Ex-Obama Support Arrested 

A Reddit thread about Stuart Seldowitz has sparked widespread outrage after videos surfaced showing the former State Department employee involved in a disturbing incident with a Muslim street vendor in New York. 

Seldowitz, who previously served as a deputy director at the US State Department’s Office of Israel and Palestinian Affairs, is facing charges of harassment and hate crime stalking. 

In the videos, he verbally assaults the vendor, making derogatory comments about Islam and questioning the vendor’s citizenship, referencing the Israel-Hamas conflict. 

This incident contributes to the troubling trend of increasing anti-Arab and anti-Muslim hostility in the US. 

Seldowitz’s actions have been widely condemned, leading to discussions about the surge in hate crimes and the necessity of tolerance. 

This incident also sheds light on the broader issue of prejudice and discrimination that continues to impact communities, underscoring the significance of addressing such behavior at all societal levels.

Who is Stuart Seldowitz?

Stuart Seldowitz, a former government official and adviser, has recently drawn attention due to his involvement in a controversial incident. 

Stuart Seldowitz Reddit: Ex-Obama Support Arrested 

Seldowitz, aged 64, previously acted as the deputy director of the US State Department’s Office of Israel and Palestinian Affairs. 

He possesses a background in diplomacy and foreign relations, particularly related to the Middle East. 

Prior to this incident, Seldowitz held various roles within the Obama administration, including within the National Security Council South Asia Directorate.

During his time in these positions, he was involved in policymaking and strategic planning. 

However, recent events have cast a shadow on his reputation. 

Seldowitz was arrested after being captured on video engaging in an Islamophobic rant and allegedly harassing a halal food vendor in New York City. 

The incident sparked outrage, leading to charges of aggravated harassment, stalking, and hate crimes being filed against him. 

The aftermath of this incident also impacted Seldowitz’s professional career. 

Gotham Government Relations, a Manhattan-based lobbying firm, announced that it would sever all ties with him after the video went viral. 

While Seldowitz’s previous work centered on diplomacy and international affairs, his actions in this incident have drawn significant criticism. 

The consequences of his behavior are likely to have a lasting impact on his personal and professional life, raising questions about his future involvement in public affairs.

Stuart Seldowitz Reddit viral video

Stuart Seldowitz, aged 64, was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of aggravated harassment, hate crime stalking, stalking causing fear, and stalking at a place of employment. 

Stuart Seldowitz got arrested!
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A video captured Seldowitz making a statement implying support for harming children to the vendor. 

In response, the vendor denied any involvement, and Seldowitz proceeded with provocative remarks. 

The New York City Police Department is aware of the situation and monitoring it, following an increase in documented instances of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim hostility in the US. 

Similar incidents of antisemitism have been reported nationwide.

Stuart Seldowitz video

Videos posted on social media depicted him taunting and verbally abusing the vendor with Islamophobic language.

In one video, Seldowitz asked the vendor if he had r*aped his daughter “like Mohammed” had allegedly done. 

Despite the vendor’s polite requests to leave, Seldowitz continued his verbal assault, asserting that it was a free country and comparing the situation to Egypt.

The confrontation escalated further as Seldowitz referred to the vendor as a terrorist and accused him of supporting the killing of children. 

The vendor defended himself, claiming that Seldowitz was the one supporting violence against innocent children.

In another instance, a bystander intervened to stop Seldowitz from further mocking the vendor.

Seldowitz claimed that the incidents began innocently as small talk when he asked if the vendor was Egyptian. 

He stated that tensions related to the Israel-Hamas war triggered him after the vendor allegedly expressed support for Hamas. 

However, these claims were met with criticism, and local council member Julie Menin condemned Seldowitz’s actions, emphasizing that hate speech and harassment have no place in the community.

Stuart Seldowitz Arrested 

Former national security adviser in the Obama administration, Stuart Seldowitz, arrested and charged with harassment and stalking.

He engaged in anti-Islamic behavior towards a New York City food cart vendor, as captured in a series of videos.

Stuart Seldowitz Reddit: Ex-Obama Support Arrested 

The incident occurred in Manhattan.

Seldowitz approached the 24-year-old vendor multiple times, making derogatory statements targeting his Islamic faith.

Second-degree aggravated harassment and three counts of stalking, including one count classified as a hate crime, are charges against Seldowitz.

The aftermath

The videos depicting Seldowitz’s behavior circulated during a tense period.

Law enforcement officials expressed concerns about the potential overflow of tensions from the Middle East.

These tensions impacted Jewish, Muslim, Arab, and South Asian Americans.

Instances of antisemitism had already surged following recent terrorist attacks, as reported by the Anti-Defamation League. 

Similarly, the Council on American-Islamic Relations noted a rise in requests for help and reports of bias among Muslims in the US.

Seldowitz’s actions yielded significant consequences.

Gotham Government Relations severed all affiliations with him.

They denounced his behavior as “vile, racist, and beneath the dignity of the standards” practiced at the firm.

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