The University Of Wisconsin Leaked Photos: Culprit Finally Found

The University of Wisconsin released photos that became widely spread on telegram and other social media platforms. 

Following the breach, Wisconsin student-athletes reported the leaked photos and videos to the authorities. 

An immediate investigation into the case was launched by the police, and it was revealed that the individual responsible for the leaks had been identified. 

Although the person behind the leaks has not been confirmed, the account was known to the public. His account name is Itsfunnydude11 on Reddit, where he initially published the pictures and videos.

Subsequently, his account was deactivated, so he shared the same pictures and private videos on Twitter using the same account name Itsfunnydude11.

The investigation is currently ongoing. Police officer Marc Lavicott was approached to provide details about the leaked information, but he refused to disclose any information. 

He stated that it would be more traumatic for the student-athletes of Wisconsin University, and they are assisting the players in recovering from psychological strain and focusing on accomplishing their objectives. 

University Of Wisconsin Leaked Photos: When Did It Happen?

Wisconsin University student-athletes were preparing for a match in 24 hours against Michigan on 20th October 2022. 

During that time, the players’ sensitive pictures and videos were leaked on telegram. The video was not recorded recently, but it was filmed in December 2021 when the team was celebrating their victory against Nebraska. 

Since the leak, the Wisconsin university and the police have been endeavoring to support the young players during challenging times. They were currently experiencing significant stress, and their fans hoped for them to overcome this phase. 

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Who Is Behind Leaking The Pictures?

A few days after the leak, the police conducted an investigation to apprehend the culprit. However, they failed to find a lead that would trace the perpetrator as the sensitive pictures and videos were circulating all over the internet. 

After days of investigation, the source from which the pictures and videos were initially leaked was determined to be the Reddit account Itsfunnydude11. 

The individual behind the account was not located, but the police are actively pursuing the individual associated with the account. 

When attempting to access his account on Reddit, it was discovered that the account had been suspended. Upon visiting the page, it displayed, “Page Not Found.”

Following the suspension from Reddit, he leaked the images and videos on Twitter under the same account name, Itsfunnydude11. Upon investigation, it was revealed that his account was created four months ago. 

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