Tom Hiddleston Girlfriend: Everything About His Dating History

Tom Hiddleson entered into a committed relationship with Zawe Ashton, and they publicly acknowledged their romance in 2021.

Prior to 2021, Tom never publicly disclosed anything about their relationship, and Ashton has also chosen to keep her personal life under wraps.

Now both stars are prepared to welcome their first offspring together. Recently, the couple announced that Zawe Ashton is expecting their first child and they were delighted to share that news publicly.

They expressed in an interview, “Their baby brought them immense happiness, and they are eagerly anticipating parenthood and the arrival of their first child together.”

However, Tom Hiddleson is 41 years old, and his partner is 38. 

Further, in their recent interview, they added, “navigating the challenges of being new parents and experiencing sleepless nights, but they are overjoyed.”

Zawe Ashton confirmed her pregnancy news by sharing a photo of her baby bump while she revealed her pregnancy at the premiere of her new film “Mr. Malcolm’s List,” which will be out soon.

According to reports, Tom proposed to his sweetheart on one knee, and they had a three-year relationship.

Before announcing the pregnancy, her supporters speculated about her pregnancy after seeing her pictures on the red carpet, looking radiant in an ornate champagne tulle gown, designed by Sabina Bilenko Couture.

Both actors want to shield their personal life from the public, and Tom has emphasized multiple times in his interviews that he endeavored to maintain his personal life. 

He mentioned, “Everyone has a private life,” he added, “I adore what I do, and I am wholeheartedly dedicated to creating exceptional art and providing top-notch entertainment. My professional endeavors are part of the public domain, and I have a personal life. Those two aspects are distinct.”

Their Romance Timeline

The couple crossed paths in 2019 and were frequently seen together. According to sources, they swiftly fell for each other after their initial encounter.

They endeavored to keep their relationship private, sharing no details about their love life with the public.

Prior to that year, the two very private individuals kept the specifics of their relationship to themselves, but many sensed that there was something brewing between them after they were seen together on numerous occasions. 

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Tom Hiddleston disclosed his relationship and engagement with Zewe Ashton in June and Tom added in his interview, “I’m content.” Many fans were elated and thrilled to learn about the couple’s courtship.

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