Tommy Paul Girlfriend 2023 – All About Paige Lorenze

Paige Lorenze, an entrepreneur and social media sensation, has been in a long-term relationship with Tommy Paul in 2023. She has admired Paul for a significant period of time.

Not only has Paul garnered immense praise for his recent achievements in the 2023 Australian Open, but he is also being commended for his excellent choice in romantic companionship. 

Tommy Paul accomplished a milestone by reaching his first Australian Open semi-final. Furthermore, he is esteemed as one of the few players in his country to have achieved this after a considerable duration, following in the footsteps of Andy Roddick in 2009.

It is noteworthy that both Paul and Lorenze have deliberately maintained the privacy of their relationship, despite their substantial levels of fame. Fans of Paul continue to show their support for his ascent as one of America’s top tennis players, along with Lorenze.

Tommy Paul, a current contender in the Australian Open, recently captured attention due to the presence of his partner, Paige Lorenze, an Instagram influencer, who has been supportive throughout the tournament. 

Paige and Tommy Paul commenced their relationship in 2022 and were observed traveling together in Australia. The couple made their relationship public in October 2021 and have maintained a low profile on social media ever since.

The couple seems to have made a deliberate choice to keep their relationship away from the public eye, as they rarely feature in each other’s social media posts.

Who is Paige Lorenze?

Paige Lorenze is a model and social media influencer from Boston, Massachusetts, with 401K followers on Instagram and 62.7k YouTube subscribers.

Paige Lorenze is a multi-talented individual who has established herself as a successful businesswoman and a diligent professional. 

She hosts the podcast “PAIGE by Paige,” and her expertise and experiences span across various fields. Paige is recognized as a social media influencer, a ski racer, and a freelancer, renowned for her economical approach.

Paige has experienced a significant boost in her social media following, owing to her attractive posts and the popularity of her own business, Dairy Boy. She founded the loungewear business Dairy Boy and graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York City in 2021.

Paige is known for her collaborations with diverse brands, which have propelled her visibility as an influencer and online personality. It’s worth noting that Paige has been affiliated with numerous well-known personalities in the past.

However, Paige’s professional pursuits extend beyond her flourishing modeling career, where she has collaborated with companies like Pacsun, Tiger Mist, and Revlon. 

She has demonstrated her versatility as an individual who is not confined to a single domain but possesses a broad spectrum of interests and talents.

Furthermore, Paige’s dating history has attracted considerable attention, as she has been associated with several prominent individuals in the past.

One of the most notable figures Paige has been involved with is Armie Hammer, the disgraced actor embroiled in multiple controversies in the “House of Hammer” scandal. 

She also had a brief romance with Tyler Cameron, the runner-up of the 15th season of The Bachelorette, recognized for his charm. Despite the attention their relationship received, it only lasted for a month before coming to an end.

Paige also had a relationship with country music artist Morgan Wallen. Their friendship had the potential to blossom into something more, but it terminated when Paige accused him of infidelity. 

Additionally, she was briefly linked to Finnish ice hockey player Kasperi Kapanen.

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