Tushar Atre Murder – “48 Hours on ID” Premiered The Brutal Case

The recent installment of 48 Hours on ID portrayed the Tushar Atre homicide case.

The season 18 premiere, “Who Shot the Tech Exec?”, of the enthralling true crime series 48 Hours on ID delved into the harrowing 2019 kidnapping and murder of 50-year-old Tushar Atre.

On January 9, 2023, at 10:00 pm ET, Investigation Discovery aired the program.

Tushar Atre, a prosperous technology executive turned cannabis entrepreneur, was discovered shot and stabbed on his cannabis farm in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Investigative journalist Tracy Smith delved into his abduction and murder, tracing the path that led to four suspects, according to ID’s official 48 Hours synopsis.

Fans of the show have eagerly awaited to learn all there is to know about the alleged homicides ever since 48 Hours on ID disclosed the episode “Who Shot the Tech Exec?”

The inquiry into Tushar Atre’s homicide will progress in the next 48 Hours episode.

Police Identified Four Suspects During the Investigation

Four individuals are under scrutiny as the key suspects in the abduction and murder of entrepreneur and tech executive Tushar Atre, aged 50.

The four men are Kurtis Charters, Stephen Nicolas Lindsay, Joshua Camps, and Kaleb Charters.

Stephen is 24 years old, Kaleb is 21, Kurtis is 23, and Joshua is 25 years old at present. Kaleb and Stephen purportedly served at Tushar Atre’s employ.

For nearly two weeks, they toiled at his cannabis business office on Soquel San Jose Road in Santa Cruz.

During this brief period, they reportedly encountered problems when they allegedly lost Atre’s car keys.

Consequently, the 50-year-old entrepreneur demanded the two employees to do push-ups as a repercussion for their mistake and ceased their remuneration.

Subsequently, Atre was abducted from his luxurious beach residence in Santa Cruz on October 1, 2019, only to be found deceased the same day at approximately 9 am.

Security footage captured three intruders robbing Atre and fleeing in his girlfriend’s BMD SUV.

As the investigation unfolded, the prominent suspects were identified as Kaleb Charters, Stephen Nicolas Lindsay, Kurtis Charters, and Joshua Camps.

Current Whereabouts of the Four Perpetrators

The four men are presently detained as murder suspects in the Santa Cruz County Jail on Water Street.

They sought bail, however, their request was denied by a Santa Cruz judge.

They each face seven charges, including abduction to commit another felony, murder, first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, second-degree robbery, and carjacking. Nonetheless, they have not pleaded guilty.

Currently, all four accused individuals await trial.

It has been reported that if convicted, they could face life imprisonment, potentially without the opportunity for parole.

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