Was Benjamin Franklin A Serial Killer? The Truth Revealed

Was benjamin franklin a mass murderer? The debate is still ongoing. Let’s uncover the reality. 

Benjamin Franklin is frequently regarded as one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, and his diverse achievements in science, politics, and other fields are widely recognized. 

Nevertheless, it has recently emerged that human skeletons were unearthed on the grounds of Benjamin Franklin’s estate. Amidst speculation regarding their origin, a natural question that arose was whether Franklin was involved in mass murder. 

There is no substantiated evidence to support this theory. Instead, these skeletons were likely part of an archaeological excavation he conducted during his lifetime as he sought to gain insights into the ancient remains in America. 

Therefore, despite enigmatic discoveries at Franklin’s estate, all indications suggest that he was not involved in mass murder.

What was the age of the human skeletons found in Benjamin Franklin’s London residence?

If someone were informed that a dozen human skeletons were discovered in an underground room at Benjamin Franklin’s 18th-century house in London, they might initially think of a mass murderer. 

However, upon closer examination, the remains were found to be the product of an anatomy school managed by Franklin’s protege William Hewson. 

Further archaeological research revealed that the garden was owned by a surgeon who conducted dissections from 1750 to 1800, predating Franklin’s residence in London. 

Smithsonian magazine suggests that this could have been the origin of Hewson’s skeleton collections. This explanation certainly presents a less sinister image than the one initially proposed and absolves Benjamin Franklin of any culpability. 

In 1998, during the restoration and maintenance work on the Ben Franklin Home, a house located at 36 Craven Street, conservationists made a remarkable discovery. This house is now a museum under the auspices of the Smithsonian, a well-known institution dedicated to research, education, and museum operations.

The discovery was a pit measuring one meter wide and one meter deep, which contained over 1200 pieces of human bones.

These bones were the remnants of an anatomy school that was operated from the house by William Hewson, who was the son-in-law of the house’s landlady, Margaret Stevenson. 

Hewson married Margaret’s daughter, Polly, in 1770 and is renowned for his research on the lymphatic and blood systems. 

He was the first to isolate the essential protein in the blood clotting process, which he named “coagulable lymph,” and he also made significant contributions to the field of anatomy.

The discovery of these human remains was a significant event in the history of the Ben Franklin Home, which had been preserved as a museum to honor the memory of one of America’s most prominent figures, Benjamin Franklin. 

The discovery shed light on the fascinating history of the house and the medical practices of the time and has helped to deepen our understanding of the scientific contributions of William Hewson.

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    Wow, the title of this text definitely caught my attention! I have always admired Benjamin Franklin as a founding father and inventor, so the idea of him being a serial killer seems quite shocking. I’m curious to see how the author will reveal the truth behind these claims. It’s important to approach this topic with an open mind and consider the evidence presented before jumping to any conclusions.