Was Dean Vaughn One Of The Victims Of Jeffrey Dahmer

Even though Dean Vaughn’s death remains unexplained, all existing evidence indicates one person: Jeffrey Dahmer, America’s most notorious serial killer. 

Dean Vaughn could potentially be considered among Jeffrey’s unreported victims since he was convicted of murdering at least 17 innocent men and boys. 

On May 3, 1991, Dean Vaughn, then 28 years old, was found dead in the same apartment building where Dahmer resided. 

The entire story of the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is depicted in the Netflix documentary Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, along with the appalling atrocities he committed against his victims. 

The Jeffrey Dahmer series briefly touches on a case involving Dean Vaughn but does not reenact the actual events. 

Some people speculate that Dahmer may have murdered and assaulted a number of individuals beyond those he admitted to. 

Dean Vaughn, being one of those individuals, is a character in the Netflix series. In May 1991, Dean was discovered deceased in his apartment in the same building as Dahmer, even though neither Dahmer nor anyone else ever acknowledged killing Dean. 

Dahmer confessed to the killings of 17 men, and 15 of those killings resulted in his conviction. There are suggestions that he may have committed additional murders throughout his prolonged killing spree.

Dean Vaughn, assumed to be one of the victims, is a man whose death has been a Milwaukee Police Department cold case since 1991.

The Deceased Body of Dean Vaughn Was Found in His Apartment

According to the Milwaukee Cold Case website, Dean Vaughn’s lifeless body was located in his apartment at 924 N  at 12:30 a.m. in Milwaukee on 25th Street. 

He had just turned 28 on May 3, 1991. 

Dahmer had lived in the same flat at 924 N. They were neighbors on 25th Street, the setting for several of Dean’s killings. 

According to Milwaukee Cold Case, at least two of Dean’s neighbors observed an unidentified individual with Dean just before he was killed. 

Dean, a young Black man who also fit the description of Dahmer’s victims, would have passed away during Dahmer’s most recent killing spree two months before he was discovered and apprehended. However, the modus operandi of killing Dean was not similar to that of Dahmer.

Netflix Series Depicts The Homicide Of Dean

In the seventh episode of the Dahmer series on Netflix, Dean Vaughn is introduced to the audience. 

He moved into Jeffrey Dahmer’s building and conversed with Glenda about the residents. 

After Dean met Jeffrey Dahmer, she advised him to be cautious of some of the neighbors. 

Dean Vaughn is said to have vanished shortly after that. Glenda informed the authorities that Dean was conversing with Dahmer when she last saw him. 

What Happened With Dean Vaughn? Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Him?

Dean Vaughn disappeared, and his deceased body was found in 1991.

According to the Milwaukee Cold Case website, Dean was only 28 years old when he was discovered strangled in his apartment in the same building as Dahmer’s. 

Dean Vaughn’s demise occurred during Jeffrey Dahmer’s killing spree, and he also fits the general description of many of Dahmer’s victims—black and young. 

However, Vaughn was not one of the 17 boys and young men Dahmer confessed to killing after being apprehended. 

Many believe Dean Vaughn was one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims because he vanished immediately after interacting with him. 

After that, reports of Vaughn’s disappearance were made in both the Netflix series and in real life.

Cleveland informed the authorities that she hadn’t seen him since she saw him conversing with Dahmer. 

Update On Dean Vaughn’s Case

Dahmer admitted to killing 17 boys and men after being apprehended, but Vaughn was not one of them. 

Jeffrey has stated that he had nothing to do with Dean’s death and was never found guilty of killing him or confessed. 

The case is still open. 

Despite Vaughn’s connection to Dahmer and the fact that he died around the same time as other murders Dahmer committed, his case has not yet been closed.

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    Wow, this text caught my attention immediately. I’ve always been intrigued by true crime stories, especially those involving notorious serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer. The mention of Dean Vaughn’s name makes me wonder if he was one of Dahmer’s unfortunate victims. I can’t help but feel a mix of curiosity and dread as I anticipate finding out more details about this connection. It’s chilling to think about the lives that were lost at the hands of such a twisted individual.