Was Harry Belafonte Married? Who Was His Wife?

Is Harry Belafonte’s marital status a matter of curiosity? It’s a commonly asked question that emerged after the famous singer’s passing on April 25, 2023, in Manhattan, New York, United States at the age of 96.

Belifonte’s death was attributed to congestive heart failure, as stated by his representatives. 

After the announcement of his demise, supporters and colleagues honored the iconic singer on social media.

Rapper Ice Cube described Belafonte as more than just a singer, actor, or man. 

Conversely, others emphasized his unique blend of tenacity, charm, and uprightness, which made him a luminary in the music industry and a role model for future generations.

Fans are honoring Harry Belafonte on social media and some are also asking, did Harry Belafonte get married?

Harry entered into matrimony three times in his lifetime. His spouse of 15 years, Pamela Frank, was by his side during his final moments.

Was Harry Belafonte Married? Who Was His Wife?

Who was the third wife of Harry Belafonte?

Harry Belafonte, the legendary crooner and civil rights activist, exchanged vows with Pamela Frank, a celebrated photographer, in 2008. 

The duo remained wed for 15 years until Belafonte’s passing in 2023.

Although Frank garnered attention as Belafonte’s spouse, she is widely acknowledged for her illustrious career in photography.

In spite of her union to a prominent figure, Frank has preferred to lead a relatively private life, steering clear of the public eye. 

The couple did make joint appearances at various public functions, including the NAACP Image Awards in 2013 and the opening night of Michael Moore on Broadway in 2017.

Frank, who has two children, Sarah and Lindsey, from a previous relationship, stood by Belafonte’s side during some of his most notable moments, including his reception of the National Order of the Legion of Honour from the French government in 2021.

The initial spouse of Harry, Marguerite Belafonte

Harry Belafonte’s first marital union was with Marguerite (née Byrd) whom he encountered in 1944 while serving in the Navy in Virginia. 

Despite their differing social backgrounds, they wed in 1948 and had two daughters, Adrienne, and Shari Belafonte. 

However, their marriage dissolved when Belafonte crossed paths with dancer Julie Robinson on the set of the 1954 movie Carmen Jones, and they separated while Marguerite was expecting Shari. 

Marguerite stumbled upon love letters from Robinson to Belafonte shortly after giving birth to Shari, which led to their divorce.

Marguerite pursued her own profession prior to, throughout, and after her marriage to Belafonte.

She briefly pursued acting and pursued studies at the Sorbonne and the University of Heidelberg, but she found the entertainment industry to be hollow and insincere, in contrast to Belafonte. 

Their daughter, Adrienne, delineated their disparities and motivations, with Marguerite originating from a family aspiring to penetrate the upper stratum of Black society and eventually into the middle echelon of White society. 

Harry wedded his co-star, Julie Robinson

Following his split from Marguerite, Belafonte wed his fellow co-star in the film Carmen Jones, Julie Robinson, in 1957. 

The couple welcomed two children together, named Gina and David.

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When they first met, Robinson was romantically involved with Marlon Brando, but she developed feelings for Belafonte and commenced correspondences expressing her affection for him. 

Regrettably, Marguerite discovered them, resulting in the demise of her marriage to Belafonte.

Belafonte attempted to keep his divorce and marriage to Robinson under wraps while filming Island in the Sun in 1957, but the news eventually surfaced. 

Interestingly, Marguerite and Robinson forged a close friendship over the years, and their children from Belafonte’s second marriage reportedly had a tight bond with those from his first marriage.

After 47 years of wedlock, Belafonte and Robinson ended their marriage in 2004 when the vocalist was 77 years old. 

In his memoir, My Song: A Memoir published in 2011, he delved into his second marriage, expressing his perpetual feelings of anger and confinement due to various factors, including impoverishment, his mother, and his responsibility toward the global destitute.

While Harry Belafonte’s initial marriage terminated in divorce, his second union endured for 47 years, prompting some to wonder, was Harry Belafonte wed at the time of his passing?

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