Weird business ideas that actually make money

During challenging economic periods, many individuals may be inspired to generate innovative business concepts. For instance, during the peak of the recession in 2010, the Kaufmann Fund saw a surge in economic activity, marking one of the highest percentages in recent decades. This may seem counterintuitive, as establishing a new company is inherently risky.

According to the Small Business Administration, over 50% of small businesses fail within the initial five years, with an additional 50% facing failure in the subsequent years. This reality may deter many individuals, but during tough times, when people may have lost their jobs and possibly even their homes, the prospect of launching a new enterprise may not be as fraught with risk as it would be otherwise.

Moreover, for many people, creating their own source of income becomes the only viable option. While there are numerous recession-proof jobs such as plumbers, electricians, and mechanics, there are also numerous unconventional and outlandish ventures that thrive in a downturn economy. Some of these enterprises may defy belief. I certainly felt that way when I first discovered them. Below are some unconventional business ideas that have proven to be profitable.

Bed Bug Barrier:

If you’ve ever encountered bed bugs in a motel or hotel, you are aware of the nuisance caused by these tiny pests. Tony Abrams found great success by developing barriers that prevent such nuisances. Through his company, Bed Bug Barriers, he designs and sells barriers that deter bed bugs. These barriers can stop the pests from reaching the bed and curb their ability to feed. While it may sound outlandish, this idea has made millions for him.

Renting Chicken:

For individuals interested in backyard farming, taking the leap to raise chickens is quite a commitment. What if someone discovers that they do not enjoy tending to chickens after making the investment? They would be left with a coop and several chickens they no longer wish to care for. This is where Rent-A-Chicken comes in. A couple in Traverse City, MI offers all the necessities for tending to a few chickens during the summer. For $250, individuals can explore whether they genuinely want to delve into chicken rearing. In fact, a similar service called Rent-A-Chook exists in Australia.

Here’s the scenario: you and your friends have partied all day. Now you are grappling with a severe hangover, battling dehydration, and facing a ransacked apartment. The thought of preparing food and then cleaning up this colossal mess looms over you.

What do you do? You call Hangover Helpers. These college students in Boulder, Colorado, aid their hungover clients in reclaiming their day as effortlessly as possible. They arrive at your residence with a breakfast buffet and Gatorade. Subsequently, they attend to all the areas where the revelry took place. This includes clearing up utensils, cookware, as well as disposing of all the beer bottles.

Does this seem like an idea too far-fetched to be successful? These individuals have garnered attention from Forbes magazine, CBS, and even appeared on Regis and Kelly. They have enough demand to keep them occupied as long as they wish.

Smashing Place:

Have you ever intentionally smashed a plate? I mean, when you are feeling anxious or angry, hurl an object against the wall and experience a genuine sense of satisfaction upon impact. It’s quite cathartic, right? You can also relieve stress or frustration from your system.

Well, The Smashing Place brings this concept to life. This company in Tokyo allows customers to select a plate or cup of their choice and then hurl it at a concrete wall. They can curse, scream, or engage in any other stress-relieving behavior. I have a feeling that such a business would also thrive in a city like New York.

The Pet Loo:

If you have a pet in an apartment, you understand the inconvenience that arises when you want to take a break after a long day at work or when you are unwell and find it challenging to leave the house. This is where the Pet Loo comes in. It is a patch of synthetic grass incorporated into a simple waste management system that can be situated indoors or outdoors.

It resembles a miniature lawn where your dog can relieve itself. While Pet Loo originates from Australia, similar ventures have emerged in the United States. Undoubtedly, people go to great lengths to accommodate their pets, including elbow pads, strollers, balconies, and even special herbs.

Ex-boyfriend Jewelry:

When Josh Opperman experienced a breakup after a three-month engagement, he was devastated. All he had left was an exquisite ring for which he had paid dearly. However, upon attempting to sell the ring back to the jeweler, he received a shockingly low offer of $3,500, despite having paid over $10,000 for it. This led him to launch I Do, Now I Don’t, a platform that enables people to sell their engagement rings (or other extravagant jewelry) to other users, rather than going through a jeweler. Think of it as Craigslist for fine jewelry. The website has seen remarkable success and has been featured on CNN, The Today Show, Fox News, and The New York Times.

The Winebulance:

Remember the wedding at Cana where they ran out of wine and witnessed a miracle performed by Jesus? Well, the Winebulance team may not be capable of performing the same miracle, but they can certainly deliver the wine required to reinvigorate your gathering! You can witness the team in action in this YouTube video.

Presently, Winebulance exclusively caters to the UK. If you are located within their coverage area, you can have your wine needs met promptly. The cost varies depending on the quantity of wine you order. Interestingly, the more wine you purchase, the lower the delivery fee. This company takes wine seriously, understanding how pivotal it is to so many occasions. When something goes awry, you can rely on Wine-One-One!

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