Wendy Rush Net Worth: How Rich Is Stockton Rush’s Wife?

Interest in Wendy Rush’s wealth has been increasing.

Although her precise date of birth is unknown, it seems she is in her late fifties.

The vanishing of a submersible exploring the wreckage of the Titanic has sparked curiosity about the personal lives of the five passengers on board.

Stockton Rush, the CEO of OceanGate, a company providing submersible resources for various purposes, was among them.

There has been recent curiosity about his wife, Wendy Rush, who functions as a communication director at OceanGate.

Wendy Rush Wealth, Profession, and Role in OceanGate

Wendy Rush has amassed substantial wealth during her tenure as a communication director at OceanGate.

Her exact wealth has not been publicly disclosed.

However, she plays a crucial role in OceanGate, a privately held company offering crewed submersible resources for business, research, and defense.

Rush has been a vital part of the success of the Titanic submarine expeditions offered by the company through her involvement in the company’s tracking and communications team.

She became a part of OceanGate in June 2021 and has been working at the non-profit division of the business alongside her communication director role.

Rush was the President of the OceanGate Foundation from 2017 until October 2021. She continues to serve as an executive board member of the foundation.

Prior to joining OceanGate, Wendy Rush was employed at Ladd Associates as an account manager and a substitute teacher in Lancaster.

She graduated from Princeton University with a classic degree, similar to her husband, Stockton Rush, the CEO of OceanGate.

Wendy Rush’s Lineage & Relations to Isidor and Ida Straus

Wendy Rush’s forebears, Isidor and Ida Straus, were first-class passengers on the Titanic in 1912.

Isidor Straus, born in 1845, was a retailing magnate who co-owned Macy’s department store.

Wendy Rush, formerly Wendy Hollings Weil, is a great-great-granddaughter of the couple.

During the ill-fated voyage, the Straus family was among the wealthiest on the Titanic.

Isidor Straus declined to leave the Titanic in a lifeboat when women and children were still waiting to do so on the tragic night.

Ida Straus, his wife of forty years, opted to stay by his side and was last seen arm in arm with him on the Titanic’s deck as it sank.

Wendy Rush is descended from the couple’s daughter, Minnie, who married Dr. Richard Weil in 1905.

The couple’s son, Richard Weil Jr, subsequently became the president of Macy’s New York, and his son, Dr. Richard Weil III, is Wendy Rush’s father.

Although Isidor Straus’s body was discovered at sea two weeks after the Titanic sank, Ida Straus’s remains have never been found.

Wendy Rush Wealth

With her notable position at OceanGate and her extensive professional background, it is presumed that Wendy Rush has amassed considerable wealth over the years, likely to be staggering.

According to reports, OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush’s wealth is around $12 million. However, Wendy Rush’s precise wealth has not been disclosed publicly.


It’s no surprise that Wendy Rush, as OceanGate’s communication director, is an essential part of a business that provides submersible resources to diverse industries and clients.

Her ability to hold a significant position in the non-profit department of the business while also serving as the foundation’s president from 2017 to October 2021, and her prior role at Ladd Associates, showcases her versatility.

Additionally, she is a successful professional with an intriguing ancestry, descending from Isidor and Ida Straus, a couple tragically lost on the Titanic.

Although her exact wealth remains uncertain, Wendy Rush is likely to have accumulated substantial wealth over the years given her professional experiences and positions.

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