Weslie Boss Real Dad: Is That Twitch Boss Or She Adopted?

Many are curious about the true parentage of Weslie Boss. Some speculate that she may have been adopted, while others believe that she is Allison’s biological child but not fathered by Twitch Boss. It is not the case that American dancer Allison Holker adopted Weslie Fowler as her own child.

Holker has chosen to remain silent about the identity of Weslie Fowler’s biological father, from a previous relationship. Neither Holker nor the biological father have disclosed this information. Let’s delve into some details.

Who is Weslie Fowler?

Weslie Fowler, a 12-year-old Instagram sensation, has gained fame on the social media platform. She is best known as the daughter of Allison Holker, a star of the popular American dance competition series “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Weslie Boss Biological Father – Parents

Weslie Fowler, Allison Holker’s daughter, was born in the USA. While her biological father’s identity remains undisclosed, her stepfather, Stephen tWitch Boss, is a well-known dancer in the United States.

Her mother, an American dancer, was previously married to Stephen tWitch Boss and raised Weslie alongside her siblings, including a half-brother who is eight years her junior. She attended a local high school, following in her famous ballerina mother’s footsteps.

tWitch, also known as Stephen Boss, is a renowned dancer and Weslie’s stepfather. Born in Montgomery, AL on September 29, 1982, he became Weslie’s stepfather upon his marriage to Allison Holker, who also appeared on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Weslie Boss’ Age, Height, and Measurements

Having turned 12 this year, her birthday is on May 26, 2008. Fans are eager to know specific details about Weslie Fowler, including her height. She has reached a height of 147.0 cm (4 feet and 7 inches).


So there you have it, information about Weslie Boss’ biological father. She gained fame in early 2015 when her parents first shared her pictures on various social media platforms.

She later garnered a strong following on Instagram, where she shared her modeling work and family moments. Additionally, she began creating handloom bracelets with her best friend Preslie and selling them online, allocating ten percent of the proceeds to a charity combatting sexual exploitation of children.

Weslie is also known on TikTok, making her debut in videos posted by her mother. Although she does not have her own YouTube channel, she has appeared in several videos uploaded by her mother.

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