What Is GMA’s Amy Robach And TJ Holmes Scandal? Find Out

The TJ Holmes scandal recently made waves on social media. The well-known Good Morning America cohosts TJ Holmes, and Amy Robach’s relationship has sparked numerous inquiries from their followers, despite their marital status.

In November 2022, the two were photographed together in an image captured by Daily Mail. In the photo, they appeared to be getting intimate with each other.

A photograph was circulated on social media showing TJ touching Amy’s backside while she was loading bags into her car’s trunk.

The couple did not publicly announce their separation. According to reports, it was revealed that the two have been married twice.

What Is GMA’s Amy Robach And TJ Holmes Scandal? Find Out

Source: DailyMail

Upon searching for their social media accounts, it was discovered that they have disabled their Instagram accounts following the rumors.

It was also found that TJ had deactivated his Twitter account. A contact from Amy’s hometown in Arkansas told US Weekly, “They always had a connection, and their work trips away together brought them even closer.”

According to reliable sources, it was confirmed that TJ and Amy had chosen to keep their relationship private until they were ready to make an announcement.

Before deactivating his account, some of TJ’s fans saved his photos. During the search of his account, a post was found addressing the scandal.

The caption in his post read, “End the relationship and cry once. It’s better than being with them and crying daily. Quote of the week.”

In January 2022, he shared a post that he captioned, “Change is never painful. It’s the resistance to change that’s painful.”

It was reported that TJ Holmes began working with ABC News in 2014 and was primarily featured in morning shows. Later, in 2020, the BET alum became a cohost on Good Morning America.

His ex-wife, Amy, commenced working with ABC News in 2012 before transitioning to cohosting GMA3 in March 2020.

The couple found success in their professional lives together. In an interview, TJ mentioned that he and Amy have mutual respect for each other and share similar backgrounds.

In April 2021, TJ expressed that they both value each other’s work. He added, “We could have strategized and planned for a potential show, but this one came about organically.”

TJ also once stated that he feels fortunate to work with Amy. He added that he becomes more productive as he trusts his cohost.

He said, “They will watch your back and will not try to make you look stupid. Even if you get poked, it’s not coming from a bad place. The show is easy. It’s an easy show to do when you can be that kind of comfortable. You can’t teach, coach, or consult it, it’s just there.”

Aside from the couple’s prosperous life, let’s delve into Amy and TJ Holmes’s scandal.

Amy and TJ Holmes scandal

DailyMail released a photo in November 2022. The picture was taken while the couple was having drinks at an NYC bar.

In the image, it was observed that TJ placed his hand on Amy’s backside while she was loading bags into her car’s trunk.

The couple did not immediately respond to the picture. A day after the intimate picture made headlines, the couple cohosted GMA’s third hour.

TJ stated, “Who’s looking forward to the weekend?” Amy replied, “Of course we are.”

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