Who Are Brittney Griner’s Parents? Why Was She Arrested?

Brittney Griner, the WNBA star, garnered attention earlier this year when it became public knowledge that she had spent four months in a Russian penal colony following her detainment and wrongful confinement by Russian authorities in Moscow. 

Sandra Griner and Ray Griner are the parents of Brittney. Her detainment was a source of diplomatic tension during the initial weeks of President Joe Biden’s tenure.

To ensure her return to the United States, an agreement for an exchange of prisoners, including an arms dealer, Viktor Bout, was reached. Fortunately, Brittney Griner has since returned home safely.

After a prolonged and challenging period, Brittney Griner was eventually released and was soon to be reunited with her caring and supportive parents.

Cherelle Griner undoubtedly played an immensely significant role throughout the entire ordeal; she never gave up hope, fought for justice, and constantly supported Brittney. 

However, perhaps not widely known is the identity of Brittney Griner’s parents. There is little public information about them, but their selfless support during this tough period has undeniably been pivotal for their daughter.

Who are Brittney Griner’s parents?

Brittney Griner, a 32-year-old WNBA star, commenced her career in 2013 with the Pheonix Mercury. She is the daughter of Raymond and Sandra. Her father, Raymond, is a military veteran who served in the Vietnam War for two years. 

After his military service, he relocated to Harris County, Texas, where he served as a deputy. He dedicated 30 years to the sheriff’s department before retiring. 

Not much is known about Brittney’s mother, Sandra, according to sources, except that she was a homemaker. 

Brittney keeps her parents out of the public eye, but it was discovered that she had posted some pictures on social media featuring her mother.

Her first childhood picture with her mother is also present on her Instagram account. 

In September 2015, she shared a snapshot with the caption, “Me and the Family! Good old days! I’m purple in front of mom! Three of my aunts and cousin in pink and my sis with the ugly face, lol love you, sis.”

In January 2021, the WNBA star uploaded a photo on her Instagram account from a family reunion. She referred to her mother and wife in the picture as “#WCW” or “Woman Crush Wednesday.”

Brittney labeled her wife as #WCW. The family of Brittney released a statement when she was confined in a Russian penal colony; they described her detainment as “heartbreaking.”

Brittney’s parents have always stood by her side. During her challenging days, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were implored by Brittney’s sister,

ShKera Griner. She appealed for justice for her sister and elaborated on the circumstances of her arrest. 

In June 2022, ShKera stated that she had not seen or met her sister, Brittney, for 100 days. She added that it is distressing for her parents, Brittney’s wife, and her sisters. She expressed, “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

Following Brittney’s relocation after a prison exchange agreement, her family felt a great sense of relief. Further updates will be provided after the reunion.

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