Who Is Abby Choi’s Father In Law, Kwong Kau? The Criminal Genius

  • It has been rumored that Kwong Kau is the primary suspect in the heinous murder of Abby.
  • Abby Choi, a renowned model from Hong Kong, was tragically murdered and beheaded. Her head was found in a cooking pot, while her legs were discovered in a refrigerator.
  • Kwong Kau is under suspicion for being the mastermind behind the murder and dismemberment of the model. 

Who is Abby Choi’s father-in-law, Kwong Kau? According to some sources, he is the main suspect in her brutal murder, but is there truth to these claims? 

Abby Choi, a famous model from Hong Kong, was murdered and decapitated. Her head was discovered in a cooking pot, and her legs were found in a refrigerator. 

Kwong Kau and his son, Alex Kwong, were accused of Choi’s murder. Kwong Kau is suspected of being the mastermind behind the model’s murder and dismemberment. 

Choi, who reportedly had a net worth of about HK$100 million (£11 million), came from a prosperous family with connections to the Chinese market.

She is believed to have assisted her former brother-in-law in buying a home and arranged for her ex-in-laws and their two children to reside in a luxurious apartment.

Police allege that Kwong’s parent, a former police officer himself, orchestrated the “carefully planned” killing that involved tools such as an electric saw and a meat slicer to dismember Choi’s body after her death. 

As per The Standard, Abby Choi’s former father-in-law was released on bail and will be reporting to the police in late March.

Some local media outlets revealed that Kwong Kau had engaged several attorneys after his arrest.

Allegedly, he conveyed a message to Chris Tam, Choi’s current de facto spouse, and his family through his legal representative, hoping that Chris’s father would contribute to covering the legal fees.

Kwong Kau had resigned from the police force over ten years ago, and it is unclear whether he has secured employment since then.

The murder suspect Kwong Kau used to be a police officer. He was discharged from the Hong Kong police department due to non-cooperation. 

The refrigerator where Abby Choi’s legs were discovered was located in an apartment owned by Kwong Kau. 

Investigators found out that Kau had recently leased that apartment under his name. 

The police also stated that the ex-husband’s family had misled authorities about the model’s whereabouts prior to her abduction.

Choi was a model and influencer who shared her glamorous life of photo shoots and fashion shows on Instagram. 

Prior to her tragic demise, Choi, who had collaborated with fashion brands like Dior and Chanel, chronicled her life as a jet-setting style influencer on Instagram. 

She shared numerous haute couture looks and moments with celebrities such as rapper Pharrell Williams, South Korean model Lee Soo-hyuk, and Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad.

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