Who is Austin Thompson? 15-Year Old Involved In Mass Shooting

Who exactly is Austin Thompson? Following the tragic event of a horrific mass shooting perpetrated by Austin Thompson.

We regret to announce the passing of 16-year-old James Thompson. Thompson lost his life last week at the hands of his younger sibling, Austin Thompson, during a mass shooting that occurred in the Hedingham neighborhood on Thursday, October 13.

The mother and father of Austin Thompson, Alan and Elise Thompson, issued a statement, stating, “We are unable to fully express our grief and distress. “

As reported by the associate press, “Our son Austin Thompson has caused immeasurable suffering to the Raleigh community. We are heartbroken for the individuals affected by our son.”

Austin Thompson took the lives of his older brother, James Thompson, Susan Karnatz, Nicole Conners, Mary Marshall, and Raleigh Police Officer Gabriel Torres.

His parents were stunned upon learning about Austin’s actions towards his brother and others.

The couple mentioned that they will keep the victims of their son, Austin, in their thoughts and prayers.

They also expressed their prayers for the families of the victims in coping with and overcoming this tragedy.

Aside from his brother, four others lost their lives, and two were injured in the incident. A memorial service is planned for tomorrow to honor James and the other victims of this senseless act of violence.

Who is Austin Thompson?

Austin Thompson is the offspring of Alan and Elise Thompson. He held the position of the youngest member of the family, with an elder brother named James Thompson.

Recently, he gained widespread attention in the news and on social media due to his actions of taking the lives of his sibling and several others, including a law enforcement official.

Following the tragedy, law enforcement conducted an extensive search to apprehend Austin, leading to his subsequent arrest.

Subsequently, Austin was taken into custody but immediately rushed to the hospital due to critical injuries.

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