Who is Dalvin Cook? Parents, Girlfriend & Net Worth

Dalvin Cook is a renowned player in NFL due to his exceptional performance for the Minnesota Vikings.

He gained fame in the sports world following his time in the NFL in 2017. Cook excelled as the top rusher at Florida State University during his college football career.

Let’s delve into the details about Dalvin Cook;

Who is Dalvin Cook?

Dalvin James Cook epitomizes passion and determination on the football field. He is an American running back, born on August 10, 1995, and is a game-changer in football.

Full Name Dalvin James Cook
Date of Birth August 10, 1995
Birthplace Opa-locka, Florida, USA
Height 5’10”
Weight 210 lbs
Position Running Back
College Attended Florida State
NFL Draft 2017, Round: 2 / Pick: 41, Minnesota Vikings
Career Minnesota Vikings (2017-2021), Currently a Free Agent
Achievements Pro Bowl (2019, 2020), Second-team All-Pro (2020), NFL rushing touchdowns leader (2020)
Parents James Cook (Father), Varondria Burnett (Mother)
Relationship Status Single
Spouse/Partner Not publicly known

It’s essential to note that this information is derived from publicly available sources and may not be entirely up to date.

His football journey commenced at Florida State University, where he earned the title of the all-time leading rusher for the Seminoles. This achievement will be eternally celebrated in football lore.

In 2017, the Minnesota Vikings selected Dalvin Cook in the second round, recognizing his exceptional skill. He had an exhilarating six-season tenure with the team, captivating fans and pundits alike. His tenacity on the field served as an inspiration to football enthusiasts.

The road to success, however, is not always straightforward. In June of 2023, Cook’s tenure with the Vikings came to an abrupt end. Despite this unexpected turn, his passion for the sport remains unwavering, and he is undeterred by the challenges that lie ahead.

Dalvin James Cook, a free agent in football, retains his enthusiasm. His craving to achieve more is unquenchable. The football community eagerly anticipates Cook’s phenomenal career. The ardor for football that Dalvin James Cook embodies will inspire future generations of football fans.


Year Achievement
2014 MVP of the ACC Championship Game (College)
2017 Drafted in the 2nd round by the Minnesota Vikings (NFL)
2019 Pro Bowl Selection (NFL)
2020 Pro Bowl Selection (NFL)
2020 Second-team All-Pro (NFL)
2020 NFL Rushing Touchdowns Leader

These achievements showcase some of the pivotal moments in Dalvin Cook’s football career.

Dalvin Cook’s Parents

Dalvin Cook’s journey commenced in the loving embrace of his mother and father, Varundra Burnett and James Cook. His parents significantly influenced the person he is today.

Cook grew up in Florida, where he encountered gang activity and violence. Amid the darkness of his upbringing, his love for football served as a guiding light. He quickly gained recognition for his exceptional talents at Miami Central High School, ultimately becoming a standout.

His exceptional abilities led to him being named Florida’s Mr. Football in 2013, having rushed for 1,940 yards and scoring 34 times during that year. His high school experiences prepared him well for his future endeavors.

Cook’s dedication and prowess led to his recruitment by Florida State University to continue his football journey. He achieved numerous school records in college football and earned All-ACC honors in each of his three seasons, establishing himself as an elite performer in the conference.

Cook has six siblings – James, DeAndre Burnett, Dalvin, Demarcus, Jameisha, and Jamiya Cook. Together, they surmounted the challenges of their upbringing, fostering a close bond as they matured.

Cook’s story is inspirational as it exemplifies the outcomes achievable through grit and persistence. He overcame immense obstacles to rise from his impoverished background and leave an indelible mark on football. The remarkable person he is today is a result of his family’s unwavering support, dedication, and tenacity.

Who is Dalvin Cook’s Partner?

The talented running back, Dalvin Cook, has reportedly found love with Tokyo Jetz, a successful hip-hop artist from Jacksonville, Florida. In 2016, Jetz began her rapid ascent to stardom by sharing freestyle videos of herself from the confines of her car.

Jetz has carved a name for herself in the music industry and beyond, evident from her Instagram following of over 1.8 million individuals. Before gaining fame as a rapper, she worked at Comcast and Apple, where she was dismissed for recording tapes at her desk.

Her passion for hip-hop reflects in her work, drawing comparisons to artists such as Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, and Foxy Brown.

T.I. discovered Jetz’s exceptional freestyle in 2016 and promptly signed her to his Grand Hustle label. Tokyo Jetz, whose real name is Shauntrell Pender, is wholly dedicated to her career, as demonstrated by her decision to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia after connecting with T.I.

Her most recent album, “Cancel Culture,” was inspired by the backlash she received on Twitter for comments related to the protests following George Floyd’s tragic death at the hands of Minnesota police in May 2020.

Jetz’s artistic talents extend beyond music, as she is also a published author. In 2020, she released her debut novel, “Mind Over Matter,” showcasing her versatility and ability to captivate readers through various artistic expressions.

In 2021, she was seen sporting Cook’s jersey at several games, delighting fans of both individuals. Prior to the news of Cook’s legal troubles, it’s important to note that Jetz denied any involvement in the incident and proclaimed her innocence once reports of Cook’s legal strife emerged.

Cook and Jetz’s presence in their respective industries brings joy and inspiration to their supporters as they navigate their careers and burgeoning romance. They form a formidable team, both deeply passionate and committed to their respective fields.

How did Dalvin Cook Sustain an Injury?

Dalvin Cook grapples with a shoulder ailment. His left shoulder sustained an injury in Week 3’s challenging game against the Detroit Lions, but he is resolute about continuing to play.

According to ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert, he will continue to represent the Minnesota Vikings.

Fans can find solace in the fact that Cook remains devoted to his sport. He is unwavering in his commitment to his craft and team’s success, refusing to let setbacks hinder him from showcasing his remarkable talents. Cook will leave an indelible mark on the game and serve as an inspiration to his peers.

It was reported by Tom Pelissero of NFL Network that Vikings running back Dalvin Cook made a successful recovery from shoulder surgery in April 2023. His shoulder regained its former strength after enduring three years of pain and undergoing surgery.

Cook struggled with shoulder issues from his time at Florida State University through his tenure with the Minnesota Vikings. He underwent shoulder surgery in February, as reported by ESPN’s Kevin Seifert. Furthermore, he exhibited commendable recovery from offseason labrum surgery, per NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero.

Where Has Dalvin Cook Gone?

After substantial deliberation, the Minnesota Vikings shockingly released Dalvin Cook, their premier running back. Sources indicate that the Vikings are set to release Cook on Friday, although they may explore the possibility of reacquiring him through a trade.

Following Cook’s release, the Miami Dolphins reportedly expressed interest in signing him, recognizing his talent and potential as a running back.

Cook, 28, departs from the Vikings for monetary reasons. The team sought alternative options to replace his projected $14.1 million cap hit. Notably, the release yields $9 million in cap space for the Vikings but incurs $5.1 million in dead money in 2023. Under the post-June one deal, the team is required to pay Cook $2 million.

The Vikings’ decision to re-sign Cook’s long-standing backup, Alexander Mattison, likely influenced the separation. Mattison’s contract guarantees $6.35 million over the next several seasons, underscoring the team’s commitment to his future and the backfield.

Following Cook’s departure, the Vikings have appointed Mattison as the starting running back. Kene Nwangwu and Ty Chandler, the tailback backups in 2022, will compete for the starting role.

Despite his numerous injuries in Minnesota, Cook’s remarkable potential was evident. His ACL tear in his debut season was particularly challenging. He maintained an average of 110 scrimmage yards per game, second only to Derrick Henry.

Dalvin Cook’s next move will be closely monitored following the release from the Vikings. The team will continue to seek out opportunities and challenges.

Dalvin Cook’s Wealth

Dalvin Cook, arguаbly the most prominent running back in American football, boasts an estimated wealth of $20 million.

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