Who Is Diana Lovejoy? Why Was She Imprisoned?

Diana Lovejoy was born in the United States on October 26, 1972. As of 2023, in her early 50s, she is a former American fitness trainer and coach.

She attended Mountain View High School in California and later earned a bachelor’s degree in Literature, Psychology, Music, and French from the University of California, San Diego.


Diana Lovejoy held positions in various companies, including Nokia, where she worked as a lead documentation specialist while pursuing her university studies.

After completing her education, she developed a passion for technology and dedicated four successful years to Nokia. She then transitioned into the software industry, where she continued to advance professionally.

However, in 2008, she bravely resigned from her job to pursue her true passion—fitness. This courageous decision led her to establish a thriving fitness enterprise.

Diana Lovejoy also participated in triathlons and operated a YouTube channel, creating videos featuring quick and healthy ready-to-eat meals.

She gained notoriety due to the attempted murder of her husband. Currently, she is serving a 26-year prison sentence at the Chowchilla Women’s Prison for the charges of murder and attempted murder.

Information about Diana Lovejoy and Her Incarceration

Following this incident, Diana garnered widespread attention. It was a harrowing case of attempted murder, in which the wife sought to kill her son’s father, named Greg Mulvihill, who fortunately survived the gunshot.

Read on to delve deeper into the murder case and its aftermath for Diana.

Background of Diana Lovejoy and Greg Mulvihill

Diana Lovejoy and Greg Mulvihill got married in 2007 in a private ceremony. Greg frequently visited California for work and met Diana Lovejoy on a dating website in 2005.

He suspected that his future wife harbored intentions of harming him. Initially, as a new couple, they led a contented life, eventually purchasing a beautiful house in Carlsbad.

However, their relationship deteriorated over the years due to Diana’s eight miscarriages. After enduring the hardships, they were blessed with a child, but their relationship deteriorated further. In 2014, they engaged in a legal battle that spanned two years. Ultimately, the case was resolved, and custody of the child was granted to Diana Lovejoy.

The Attempted Murder and Investigation

Diana Lovejoy was charged with attempting to murder her husband on Monday, November 13, 2017. Thankfully, the bullet did not strike his heart when Diana shot him in the torso.

The court mandated that she share custody of her son and pay a monthly $100 for child support. Failing to meet this obligation, she decided to enlist the help of her gun instructor, her boyfriend, Weldon McDavid Jr., to exterminate Greg.

Weldon McDavid Jr., a former U.S. Marine with 12 years of service, provided firearm training to Diana. He also installed a security system in her residence. Greg, accompanied by his friend Jason, was walking along a dirt road on Avenida Soledade. Miraculously, Greg survived the gunshot from McDavid, as it narrowly missed his heart.

Upon Greg’s hospitalization, Jason informed the authorities about the incident. He recounted them that it occurred at 11 pm while they were strolling down the street. The police initiated an investigation to ascertain the motive behind the shooting. Upon probing, they discovered that Greg was embroiled in a court case related to his divorce and his son’s custody.

The Court Proceedings and Verdict

When questioned about the late-night walk, Jason revealed that Greg had received a call from an investigator claiming to possess crucial evidence and offering Greg a single opportunity to view it. Fearing something amiss, Greg sought Jason’s company, and tragedy befell him on their way to inspect the evidence.

Reports revealed that Diana Lovejoy coerced McDavid into falsely accusing her husband of sexual abuse and molestation. Subsequently, it was unveiled that he was paid $2000 to fabricate these claims in court. The court nullified their prior decision and granted full custody to Greg Mulvihill. Diana was allowed to visit her son for only 10 hours once a week.

Subsequently, she had to sell her property to settle a $120,000 payment to her ex-husband. During the court proceedings, Diana Lovejoy’s aunt, Diana Clark, divulged a conversation where Lovejoy inquired about finding someone to frighten or eliminate Greg. An essential member of the jury promptly informed the judge about this pivotal revelation. Following a thorough review of all evidence and testimonies, the court found Diana Lovejoy and McDavid guilty. Diana received a 26-year imprisonment sentence, while McDavid was sentenced to 56 years.

Upon receiving the sentence, Diana Lovejoy collapsed and fainted. Judge Sim von Kalinowski immediately ordered everyone out of the courtroom to ensure that Diana received prompt medical attention.

Diana Lovejoy’s Life Story

Aspect Details
Age 51 years
Place of Birth California
Offspring 1
Date of Birth 26 October 1972
Higher Education University of California
Partner Greg Mulvihill/ Weldon McDavid Jr.
Marital Status Divorced
Nationality American
Nickname Diana
Occupation American Fitness Trainer
Full Name Diana Jean Lovejoy
Religion/Caste Unknown
Residence California
School Attended Mountain View High School
Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Diana Lovejoy’s Family

There is little publicly available information about her parents and early life. Nonetheless, as of 2023, at the age of 51, she hails from the United States, born in 1972.

Diana Jean Lovejoy’s Physical Attributes

Presently, her height and weight remain undisclosed.

Current Status of Diana Lovejoy

At the age of 44, she was incarcerated and subsequently found guilty of attempting to murder her former spouse. Consequently, she is currently serving the remainder of her 26-year sentence at Chowchilla Women’s Prison.

Diana Lovejoy’s Financial Status

There is no available information regarding her current income or net worth at present, but we will update this information soon.

Main Highlights

  1. Conviction of Woman and Gun Instructor: Diana Lovejoy and Weldon McDavid Jr. received lengthy prison terms for their involvement in a failed murder scheme targeting Lovejoy’s estranged husband, Greg Mulvihill.
  2. Failed Murder Plot: McDavid shoots Mulvihill on a dark, dirt path in Carlsbad, but the victim survives the attack.
  3. Motive Behind the Scheme: Lovejoy and McDavid’s actions stemmed from a contentious divorce and bitter custody battle between Lovejoy and Mulvihill over their son.
  4. Lovejoy’s Manipulation: Prosecutors asserted that Lovejoy manipulated McDavid into partaking in the shooting by sharing false abuse narratives.
  5. Denial of Murder-for-Hire Scheme: Both Lovejoy and McDavid denied the existence of a murder-for-hire plot during their sentencing hearing.
  6. Prosecutor’s Remarks: The prosecutor labeled Lovejoy as “manipulative,” “narcissistic,” and “completely self-absorbed,” asserting that she would stop at nothing to achieve her objectives.
  7. False Abuse Allegations: The prosecutor contended that Lovejoy’s claims of sexual abuse against Mulvihill were fabricated in a bid to gain sole custody of their son.
  8. Child Custody Agreement and Financial Settlement: Lovejoy agreed to share custody of their son with Mulvihill and remit $120,000 before the shooting occurred.
  9. McDavid’s Involvement: Lovejoy met McDavid at a shooting range, and he subsequently installed a security system in her residence. McDavid utilized a disposable phone to lure Mulvihill to the scene of the shooting.
  10. Verdict of the Trial: Lovejoy fainted upon learning her fate, and McDavid was emotionally affected as well. Several jurors doubted McDavid’s testimony and cited Lovejoy’s aunt’s statement as evidence of the murder conspiracy.
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