Who is Emily Trebek? What Does She Do For A Living?

The Canadian-American television personality and game show host, George Alexander Trebek.

Many recognize him as the engaging host of the iconic game show Jeopardy, But he was also a caring father and husband. George Alexander Trebek had three lovely kids; among them, there is Emily Trebek, the rest of his children are son Matthew Trebek and a daughter named Nicky from a previous marriage.

Who is Emily Trebek?

Emily Trebek is a respected real estate agent and television personality. She has also gained recognition as Alex’s daughter, a renowned figure in the American TV industry in talk shows and reality series.

Trebek is the proprietor of an interior design studio named “E&S Enterious” in Los Angeles, California, and engages in property transactions in California. 

Who is Emily Trebek? What Does She Do For A Living?

Educational Background 

Emily attended Campbell Hill in California before enrolling at Loyola Marymount University. 

Although she grew up seeing her dad involved in the television industry, appearing on various shows and acts, she pursued an entirely different career path. She followed her aspirations and continued a career in Design and Architecture. 

Emily Trebek Net Worth

Emily Trebek is a thriving real estate businesswoman. She is also acknowledged as a prominent TV personality. 

However, she has a net worth of $2 million even after allocating a substantial portion of the amount to her father’s pancreatic cancer. Her primary source of income is the real estate business.

Emily Trebek Vocation

Emily Trebek is a real estate agent who operates an interior design studio. As a real estate agent, Emily purchases and sells properties. She has been involved in multi-million dollar property transactions, including a $1 million house and a $1.5 million home in West Hollywood and Culver City. 

Whether you are seeking an investment property or a turnkey home, Emily knows what to look for and how to fulfill your wish lists. She also manages an interior design business called E&S Interiors. 

The Secret Passion Emily and Her Father, Alex Trebek Shared

By now, you already know that Emily has a significant inclination for flipping houses; she practically pursued a degree just for that. Emily shared her passion with her father and received the most supportive and caring guidance from him; he was highly involved in assisting his daughter. Emily shares that she has always aspired to be an architect growing up; after she completed a degree in Design and Architecture, she desired the first house she flipped to be distinctive.

Emily asked her dad to help her flip her first house. As Alex Trebek takes his father’s role seriously, he visited the house and was completely involved – inspecting the electrical panels, examining crawl spaces, and ensuring the water heaters were functioning. 

Her father assured her that all the areas with concealed expenses were checked and in excellent condition.

From then on, it became their hobby. Emily Trebek and her dad visit houses together and even decide on which housing projects to undertake. 

Alex Trebek had always been a natural handyman; he preferred to mend everything he could around the home. Her dad was also a great consultant, she would seek advice before selling a house, and he would also assess the property for any maintenance. This set of skills came in handy in supporting Emily with renovations.

Alex Trebek, unfortunately, passed away in the midst of his daughter’s support in 2020 after a four-year battle with pancreatic cancer in his home in Los Angeles. 

Emily Trebek keeps his vision alive by sharing wonderful anecdotes about her dad, cherishing the good memories, and honoring him on special occasions such as Father’s Day.

Personal Life

The identity of Emily Trebek’s boyfriend has not been disclosed yet. They have kept their relationship private. 28-year-old Emily is in a relationship with her college sweetheart, but his name has not been revealed. 

They have not married as of August 2021. She has not shared any details about their engagement and wedding.

Emily Trebek Physical Characteristics 

Emily Trebek’s height is 171 centimeters or 5 feet 6 inches. Her weight is 53kg or 117 lbs. Her eye color is blue, and her hair color is brown. Her body measurements are 34- 27- 32. She has a charming personality.

Social Media Presence of Emily Trebek 

Emily is not very active on any social media platform, possibly because she prefers various modes of social interaction. But if you wish to follow her, here are the links to her social media accounts

  • Emily Trebek Instagram – @Emily.trebek
  • Emily Trebek Twitter@Emily.trebek
  • Emily Trebek Facebook@Emily.trebek

On the other hand, her mother is active on Instagram (@jeantrebek). Most people recognize Emily Trebek because of her late husband, Alex. 

Who is Emily Trebek? What Does She Do For A Living?

Away from her father’s reputation, Emily Trebek has independently carved a career in interior design and real estate. She is a formidable presence among many young and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

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