Who Is Iconic Jared Leto’s Big Brother, Shannon Leto?

The incredibly famous star Jared Leto has a brother called Shannon Leto, who is also a member of the band Thirty Seconds to Mars. He serves as a percussionist and also contributes as a songwriter.

Jared Leto’s Elder Brother, Shannon Leto

Shannon Christopher Leto, born on March 9, 1970, in Bossier City, Louisiana to Constance Leto (née Metrejon), is a well-known composer and percussionist of the rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars.

His stepfather’s last name is Leto. Shannon was raised by his mother and maternal grandparents, Ruby (Russell) and William Lee Metrejon, after his parents’ divorce during his early childhood.

Shannon Leto’s mother was just 17 years old when she was pregnant with him. She was a young woman. Constance Leto gave birth to Jared Leto 18 months after Shannon was born.

Constance became part of the hippie movement and inspired her sons to pursue their interests in the arts.

Leto’s interest in percussion began when he and his brother started making music together at a young age, drawing inspiration from artists across various genres.

At ten, he acquired his first drum kit and taught himself, eventually developing his own unique style.

Shannon Leto drew inspiration for his drumming style from his favorite percussionists such as John Bonham and Stewart Copeland. He also acknowledges Keith Moon, Nick Mason, and Lars Ulrich as major influences on his personal playing style.

Leto considers his adolescence to have been a challenging period in his life during which he experimented with substances and dropped out of school. He shared how art and music rescued him from substance abuse and incarceration.

He identified himself as an “outsider” who opposed conformity and rules, stating that he felt he didn’t belong anywhere and took any opportunity to break them, ultimately receiving assistance from Jared in recovering from substance abuse.

Thirty Seconds To Mars

Shannon and Jared, both siblings, formed a band in 1998 in Los Angeles, California. They worked tirelessly to establish the rock band.

Their debut album, 30 Seconds to Mars, didn’t live up to expectations but performed reasonably well overall. It was released in 2002 to predominantly positive reviews, although its success was only moderate.

Although the debut album initially peaked at number 107 on the Billboard 200 and claimed the top spot on the Top Heatseekers chart in the United States, it took some time for its success to surpass two million copies sold worldwide.

With the release of their second album, A Beautiful Lie, in 2005, the band gained international recognition. Their subsequent releases, This Is War (2009) and Love, Lust, Faith, and Dreams (2013), were both well-received critically and achieved commercial success.

Throughout his career, Leto has engaged in various side projects, collaborating with Antoine Becks and making sporadic appearances with Street Drum Corps.

His innovative contributions to the field have garnered acclaim from musicians and critics alike. He is renowned for his dynamic live performances and formidable drumming technique.

When their fourth album, Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams, was released in 2013, it was a huge success. Following a turbulent relationship with Virgin Records, the band parted ways with the label in 2014.

Early Band Years

In the band’s early years, Shannon devoted a significant amount of time to honing his skills to create something distinctive. He would practice with his bandmates for six to seven hours a day to enhance the band’s outcomes as a rock group.

In a February 2006 interview with Modern Drummer Magazine, Leto explained, “Rehearsing that much has helped to build up my stamina and make my playing more precise”.

His commitment to creating authentic music is commendable. He enjoys experimenting with different instruments and electronics and dislikes relying on loops or tapes for music.

Leto has likened his band Thirty Seconds to Mars to Pink Floyd, citing a parallel in intensity to The Sex Pistols.

His musical influences include bands such as The Cure, Metallica (first two albums), Led Zeppelin, The Who, early The Police, and Steely Dan.

Before joining 30 Seconds to Mars in 1998, Shannon and his brother Jared had brief acting stints on a few episodes of My So-Called Life. Bassist Matt Wachter and subsequently guitarist Tomo Milicevic joined the band later on.

Interests – Leto Has A Profound Interest In Arts & Literature

Shannon Leto is not only an exceptional drummer but also a skilled guitarist and pianist. Additionally, he has a deep appreciation for art and literature. His unwavering commitment to creating art through his craft is evident.

Shannon Leto has expressed that his desire to continually learn about the art of music has driven him to take risks and push himself to excel.

Similar to Jared Leto’s rise as a popular actor and model, Shannon has also ventured into professional photography, demonstrating his aptitude for learning new skills. He also finds pleasure in writing, abstract art, progressive rock, and self-expression.

Aside from his love for the arts and music, Shannon became enamored with coffee at a young age due to his grandfather’s love for the beverage. His observation of his grandfather making coffee in the kitchen sparked his passion, leading to the establishment of Black Fuel Trading Company in 2014, a lifestyle brand focused on ethically sourced, direct-trade coffee.

Shannon Leto’s Surprising Net Worth

As a multi-talented individual, Shannon Leto always impresses us with his creativity in music and the arts. He has amassed a substantial fortune through his career as a drummer and musician.

Shannon Leto’s current net worth is estimated to be around $10 million dollars. Additionally, he is the owner of Black Fuel Trading Company, a coffee enterprise he founded in 2014.

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