Who Is Lotta Volkova? What Is The Balenciaga Scandal?

The identity of Lotta Volkova has recently been the subject of much speculation among the public. 

Lotta Volkova’s photos on Instagram showed her in the midst of the Balenciaga drama as the fashion industry’s “favorite trendsetter.” 

She is celebrated for her contributions to the fashion industry and has been hailed as the “most stylish stylist in the field” by Vogue. Dazed also referred to her as an “influential trendsetter”.

Prior to this, she has collaborated with some of the most prestigious names in fashion, including Balenciaga and Jean Paul Gaultier.

However, her involvement in the Balenciaga’s controversial campaign involving young models has sparked considerable discussion.

The fashion house garnered significant attention for two campaigns. In one campaign, young children were pictured holding the brand’s teddy bear bags while adorned in bondage attire. The second campaign, in collaboration with Adidas, depicted an hourglass bag placed on a stack of papers, one of which referenced a 2008 Supreme Court ruling regarding child pornography.

Following this, the Supreme Court upheld the federal law of 2003 that criminalizes the promotion, distribution, and advertising of child pornography. 

A representative from Balenciaga issued a statement saying, “We acknowledge the gravity of this issue and denounce all forms of child exploitation. We have promptly removed the Holiday campaign and ceased the sale of the plush bears it featured.”

The spokesperson added, “We deeply apologize for any offense caused by our Holiday and Spring 23 campaigns.”

Lotta Volkova’s Instagram Content

Reports indicate that Lotta Volkova’s Instagram account has been set to private. A user shared a picture of Lotta on Twitter. 

The images depicted a woman lying on a pentagram alongside a satanic figure, and another woman lying dead with her abdomen open. 

Another photograph surfaced on social media, showing a vintage-style men’s bedroom drenched in blood, with shattered glass and bullets strewn across the floor. 

Subsequently, another image circulated in which a child was grasping a skull adorned with astrological symbols.

Lotta Volkova: A Background

Lotta Volkova was born in 1984 and raised in Vladivostok, Russia. At 19, she embarked on her first fashion venture, Lotta Skeletrix, a denim brand. 

She pursued fashion studies in London at the Central Saint Martins college, where she transitioned from design to styling, marking a pivotal shift in her career. 

Before establishing her own brand, she undertook styling assignments for Harper’s Bazaar Russia and Dazed & Confused Japan. 

She also collaborated with Balenciaga’s creative director and Vetements co-founder, Demna Gvasalia, which propelled her to stardom in the fashion domain. 

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