Who Is Maralee Nichols? Tristan Thompson’s Third Baby Mama

A fitness model by trade, Maralee Nichols is the mother of NBA star, Tristan Thompson’s child. He announced that a paternity test showed that he was indeed the father of Maralee Nichols’ child.

The NBA star simply ‘refuses to meet son’ after his child scandal with Maralee Nichols. Maralee Nichols recently shared a photo of her son, Theo, who has turned 6 months old. Upon the rare sighting of the photo, it has again come to light how the NBA star refuses to meet his son.

The photo came to light on Mother’s Day where the stunning fitness model took it upon herself to pose with Theo. The 31-year-old breathtaking fitness trainer wore a pink dress and looked mesmerizing as she cradled her son in the photograph. The baby wore gray dungarees.

The fitness trainer and model has yet to display her son’s face to the world or to anyone in the general public till date. She occasionally has shared photos of herself with Theo on numerous occasions such as in the pool, on a zoo trip etc.

Who is Maralee Nichols?

Maralee Nichols is the third mother of the NBA superstar, Tristan Thompson. 30 years old at the time, this was revealed when a new paternity lawsuit was filed.

Maralee gave birth to Theo, their son, in December 2021. This was surrounded by conspiracy and allegations that Maralee had conceived her child on Tristan’s 30th birthday. The dates coincided too perfectly.

Maralee Nichols is a personal trainer and fitness model. She is around the same age as Tristan Thompson. The pair revealed they would be naming their son Theo on 23rd February, 2021. This didn’t come as a surprise to the public and fans as the NBA player previously had two other baby mamas as well.

He shares True, his daughter, with his ex-girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian, and he also has a son named Prince with his ex-girlfriend, Jordan Craig. Theo is the third child of Tristan.

Tristan Thompson and Maralee Nichols

It was later revealed by Maralee Nichols herself that both Tristan and her started seeing each other when Tristan was still in a relationship with Khloe Kardashian. This shocking accusation was brought to light when a child support filing was brought to light on December 2021.

The Daily Mail broke the news that both parents were engaged in the lawsuit and had different accounts.

Tristan Thompson claimed that he wasn’t in a relationship with Maralee Nichols and that he was only once intimate with the trainer. The date was the same as his birthday in Houston, Texas where he had a birthday party.

Maralee Nichols responded to the claim by stating that she was in a relationship affair with the basketball star for five months before the birthday bash in March.

How They Met

The story of how they both met is simple. They both met in Tristan’s home at Encino, California. The occasion was a party in the year 2020. According to Maralee, she met Tristan as per the star’s wish.

Maralee stated he later saw Tristan at a private party later on 12th March. There were plenty of nights when the couple met and had a great time together. After spending the birthday weekend in Houston, Texas, the star invited Maralee to Boston.

After The Pregnancy

Maralee told Tristan about her pregnancy just after a few weeks of her pregnancy. She told him when she met him again in the month of April.

Although this account contradicts that of Tristan, in which he claims that he was intimate with Maralee only once on his birthday party, the end result remains the reality. Tristan has contradicted Maralee’s account in court’s filing.

Silence Being Broken

The paternity case which was filed in December of 2021 was later dismissed. The suit was filed by Tristan against the mother of his son which was then dismissed by a judge in a Houston court. There was another suit in which Maralee claimed that Tristan was the father of her child.

By the time of the second suit, Maralee had to later clarify that it wasn’t her instructions that led to the leak. She did this to ‘defend’ her character.

The apparent publicity by the media led to many fake stories and negative publications against Maralee. There were fake Instagram profiles and posts, fake sonograms, fake statements which further fed fuel to the fire.

Maralee Nichols Clarification

Maralee later clarified that she has lived in California since 2019. She had been working as a fitness model rather than a personal trainer. And, she was never a personal trainer for Tristan.

The Suit Allegations

The suit contained multiple accounts. Tristan gave his own and Maralee gave her own.

Tristan alleged that he met the fitness model only once, and that one time ended his relationship with Khloe Kardashian. Maralee claimed that she traveled to meet the father of his son ‘on multiple occasions’.

Maralee requested child support and reimbursement of medical costs and other related expenses. Tristan later also filed a gag order against Maralee.

This gag order prevented both the parents from speaking about the case.

The Scandal That Rocked The NBA

Upon taking the paternity test, it was revealed that Maralee indeed was the mother of Tristan’s child. Tristan was found to be the father of the child and after the shocking revelation, Tristan then had to publicly apologize to Khloe while claiming that he would ‘amicably’ raise the baby.

But since then, Tristan has not even met the child, according to the mother. Maralee’s representative has said that the father nas not made any attempt to meet the son nor to provide any type of assistance, financial or moral, to the mother or son.

The revelation by Tristan came on his Instagram account.

No Support for the Love Child

Maralee had to also demand through a lawsuit from Tristan that he pay around $47 thousand a month to her for her raising of the baby along with $1 million in legal fees.

The mother of the love child based her demand on the fact that the sports star, according to her, made an “income of $9.7 million alone”.

She also requested from the court that the mother and child receive a guideline monthly support for the child in the figure of $47,424.

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