Who Is Matt Ryan Wife? Meet NFL Quarterback’s Wife, Sarah Marshall

Matt Ryan and Sarah Marshall are married, as per reports. Matt Ryan is an American football quarterback who is part of the National Football League team, the Indianapolis Colts.

He is widely known as “Matty Ice” along with his spouse. Now, let’s learn more about Sarah Marshall, the wife of Matt Ryan.

Who is Sarah Marshall?

Sarah Marshall, the wife of Matt Ryan, was born in Portland, Maine, on 23 July 1985. She is currently 37 years old.

She was born to parents named John Marshall and Susan Marshall. She grew up with her three sisters, Abby, Anna, and Maggie, and presently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

She attended Catherine McAuley high school in Falmouth, Maine. During her time in high school, Sarah was a former basketball player and achieved significant milestones in her basketball career.

She was also recognized as Maine’s Female Athlete of the Year during her high school days.

After completing high school, she pursued her studies at Boston College, majoring in Communications and actively participating in sports. In her third year of college, she became the starting player for the basketball team and was involved in soccer and track as well.

Aside from her sports career, Sarah currently works for the Atlanta Dream (WNBA) as an official sponsorship sales consultant.

Sarah maintained a busy schedule with various sports.

Sarah has been actively engaged in multiple sports throughout her life. Her sporting journey began during her high school years with basketball, after which she also joined track and soccer upon enrolling at Boston College.

While her husband pursues his career in the NFL, she has been a steadfast supporter, frequently seen cheering him on during his games.

Despite not actively participating in sports now, Sarah remains connected to the sports industry and is an essential part of her husband’s achievements.

How did Matt Ryan encounter his spouse?

The initial meeting between Matt Ryan and Sarah occurred during Sarah’s freshman year at Boston College. They both graduated in 2007, and since then, Sarah has remained involved in sports.

Their shared passion for sports became the foundation of their relationship, leading to them spending more time together. Their mutual interest in sports served as the catalyst for their burgeoning bond.

In an interview, Sarah disclosed that she and Ryan first met in the weight room, where all athletes and the team gathered to work out.

Witnessing each other frequently in the weight room, they gradually transitioned from acquaintances to close friends and soon entered into a romantic relationship.

According to Sarah, she invited Matt to join her and her three teammates to watch the movie “Man on Fire,” which marked the inception of their romantic journey.

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