Who Is Patrick Mahomes Wife, Brittany Matthews?

Following the recent NBA night out of the well-known American quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ spouse Brittany Matthews and himself, the long-term couple once again came into the spotlight. 

Wife of Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Matthews

They were then seen courtside for the Mavericks’ game. This all occurred after they tied the knot in March, in the picturesque destination of Hawaii. 

Who Is Patrick Mahomes Wife, Brittany Matthews?

Patrick Mahomes is the offspring of the celebrated and former professional baseball pitcher, Pat Mahomes. He competes in the National Football League – NFL – for the Kansas City Chiefs. 

But the bond of the married pair is the perfect one for any book reader or fantasy enthusiast. Their love is labeled as enduring, as they both commenced it in high school. They were friends who attended the same school. 

Romantic Beginnings

The quarterback attended Whitehouse High School with Brittany Matthews. They started off as friends in Texas and grew closer over time.

Their romance has an ideal fairytale start. It all began when Patrick Mahomes’ significant other received a rose with a Valentine’s Day card in 2012. 

Commencing as friends in 2011, the duo transitioned into a more elaborate relationship. 

Both were athletes, with Brittany Matthews excelling in soccer and Patrick Mahomes in baseball and football. Clearly, they were each other’s greatest supporters and companions. 

College Years

Despite attending different colleges, their relationship remained strong. Brittany had concerns that Patrick might move on to pursue professional football, and it would be truly remarkable to witness the man of his dreams fulfill his potential as an athlete and a professional player. 

It is worth noting that they both have stood by each other through thick and thin. They have been by each other’s side through highs and lows. 

Backing Each Other’s Career Paths

Brittany has stood by her husband’s decisions and has made it public. When Patrick chose to forgo his college quarterback eligibility to enter the NFL draft in 2017, he was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs. He was chosen 10th in the first round.

Brittany was thrilled by the news and expressed on her Instagram account that she couldn’t wait for this journey.

It was in the following month that she herself secured a lucrative deal with Iceland’s soccer team. As Patrick Mahomes’ spouse supported him on his journey, he reciprocated by standing by Brittany when she officially signed the contract for the team. 

Patrick Mahomes’ Proposal

The American quarterback decided to propose to Brittany in 2020.

The proposal took place at a special time for both of them, as it was on the same day Patrick was awarded his championship ring in September 2020, at Arrowhead Stadium.

Brittany was overjoyed and took to her Instagram account to share the proposal and her emotions. It was also in the same month that the couple announced to the world that they would be welcoming their first child. 

Who Is Patrick Mahomes Wife, Brittany Matthews?

Brittany Matthews says on Instagram while posting this picture, My biggest blessing & my biggest joy! Baby girl you make me the happiest! I can’t believe you’re almost one️#timepleaseslowdown

The child would be a baby girl, and they would name her Sterling. The little angel would arrive in February 2021.

The proposal was accompanied by a grand display of a large collection of white roses at the Arrowhead stadium. He sealed the occasion with a candlelit dinner that they shared later that night. Brittany shared photos of the entire day and events on her social media account, depicting her happiness. 

“My heart is so full! I love this man so incredibly much and today was so so special!,” Brittany wrote on her Instagram account at the time of the proposal. “Couldn’t imagine this day being any more perfect.”

Brittany Matthes Becoming Patrick Mahomes’ Spouse

The couple got engaged in 2020 and then went on to oficialize their relationship by tying the knot on 12th March 2022.

The couple officially wed in the stunning setting of Maui, Hawaii, surrounded by close friends and the beautiful landscape of the location. 

Patrick Mahomes sported a gray suit and Brittany wore a stunning white gown. Both were only 26 years old at the time and shared their sentiments and photos of the occasion on their social media accounts. Their one-year-old daughter, Sterling Skye, also attended the wedding with them. 

The quarterback’s younger sibling, Jackson Mahomes, served as the best man, and Patrick’s teammate, Travis Kelce, acted as the groomsman. Brittany was accompanied by Kayla Nicole, Travis Kelce’s girlfriend, as her bridesmaid. 

Reactions After the Proposal and Marriage

As expected, both the couple were very content with each other and thrilled. Patrick later confessed that he was nervous and likened his feelings to the equivalent of playing his first Super Bowl game. 

The NFL star gave an interview at the time of proposing to KCSP 610 Sports Radio. He compared the two moments as,

“You don’t think it’s going to be nerve-racking when you’ve been with someone for so long, but before you get on that knee, man, your heart’s racing. I promise you that.”

Future Plans

Life has only been on the upswing since Patrick’s Super Bowl victory, proposal, and marriage. Especially for Patrick, his life has been flourishing. 

He extended his contract to one of the most lucrative in the industry, with a $450 million extension, including a $140 million injury guarantee. Patrick has been with the team since 2017.

The couple is also extremely pleased with their marriage and their firstborn child. Sterling is prominently featured on their social media accounts and is a source of joy for the married couple. 

Brittany and her husband share a residence in Kansas, Missouri. They have two dogs as their companions and stand by each other through all circumstances.

This was particularly evident when her husband won the Super Bowl in the pandemic year and experienced defeat in the Super Bowl in 2021. 

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