Who Is Whitney Alford, Kendrick Lamar’s Fiancé?

Whitney Alford gained attention from the public after becoming engaged to Kendrick Lamer. She welcomes the spotlight but has chosen to keep her personal life private.

In 2015, she became engaged to him and has been acquainted with him since childhood.

Early Background & Family Members

Alford was born on May 12, 1986, in Compton, California, to a biracial mother and an African-American father.

She celebrates her birthday on May 12. Whitney Alford is 36 years old as of 2022, and her zodiac sign is Taurus.

She is a citizen of the United States.

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She grew up in a neighborhood renowned for producing individuals who might later become prominent figures in the music industry, such as Ice Cube and Dr. Dre.

Her previous neighborhood is also notorious for high levels of violence and crime, with many residents affected by gang violence and poverty. She is known to be a Christian.

She is very close friends with fellow makeup artist Dianne.

Whitney states that despite her mother being biracial, she herself identifies with African-American heritage.

Whitney does not disclose the specifics of her mother’s diverse family background. Her father is a respected member of the African-American community.

Her family members worked as hairstylists.

Whitney Alford is an American citizen of mixed race. She has a family, but Whitney has never openly discussed her siblings, as she is a very private person.

She currently resides with her husband and two children.

Kendrick Lamar, Fiancé of Whitney Alford

Kendrick Lamar is one of the preeminent hip-hop artists of his generation and highly talented.

He began his career under the moniker K-Dot and released a free mixtape that garnered the attention of Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE).

This led to the production of “Overly Dedicated,” his most memorable commercial venture in 2010, which helped him gain recognition and fame.

However, it wasn’t until he released his most famous album, “Section.80,” that he began to attract public attention, primarily online, where his fan base began to grow.

Lamar’s ascent to fame as a hip-hop virtuoso has been extraordinary, with his debut as a rapper in 2003 with “Youngest Head Nigga in Charge (Hub City Threat: Minor of the Year).”

Lamar has since released four studio albums, one compilation album, four other mixtapes, one extended play, and one soundtrack album. He has won 12 Grammys, five BET Awards, and one American Music Award.

Weight, Height & Physical Appearance

Whitney is currently 32 years old. She has long dark hair and captivating eyes. She stands tall at a height of around 5 ft 8 ins (1.72m) and weighs around 127lbs (58kg).

She possesses beautiful long black hair and alluring eyes. She has a slender physique.

Education Background

She attended Centennial High School, where she met her life partner.

She achieved straight As throughout her high school education, and in 2007, she obtained a B.S. in Accounting from California State University, Long Beach.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting. However, within a few years of graduating, she departed from a career in accounting to pursue her passion in makeup artistry.

Social Media Presence

Whitney is highly active in media and entertainment circles.

Her “blushedbywhit” Instagram account has amassed over 6,500 followers, featuring approximately 150 photos.

She also maintains a presence on Twitter; since creating her account in November 2009, she has made several posts but has only around 500 followers.

Whitney Advocates Women’s Empowerment on Instagram 

Whitney is vocal about women’s empowerment on her Instagram page. She once shared a photo with the caption, ‘My speech is much more refined; my intellect is as sharp as the liner I’m wearing.’

Previously, it was a challenge, but now that I know it’s my strength, it isn’t. It will be used to uplift and empower every woman I meet.

It will be wielded for mass development rather than mass destruction, much like those of the powerful women who preceded me. 

We will construct buildings so robust that they cannot be shaken, shattered, or devoured.

Even if it took a while to comprehend, it doesn’t matter, because life is not perceived in such terms in the studied moments. Happy International Women’s Day

She Pursued Her Passion as a Career

She started as an apprentice to experienced professionals and subsequently worked as a freelance makeup artist.

She obtained her esthetician license at the Make-up Designory in Burbank, California.

She has worked on photo shoots for Reebok, Rolling Stone, Ebony, and Billboard magazines.

Whitney has also collaborated with Lamar. She provided backing vocals for his popular track “King Kunta” using her voice.

She currently operates a successful business in Los Angeles while meeting her maternal responsibilities.

Alford particularly enjoys using Fenty Beauty makeup.

Whitney & Her Fiancé Shared a Childhood Romance

She first encountered her fiancé Lamar Duckworth as a child, as they both grew up in the same area and attended the same school.

He regards her as his closest companion and someone with whom he can confide his concerns, expressing his disdain for the way society labels partners.

They began as friends, but as they matured and developed feelings for each other, their friendship blossomed into a relationship.

Alford and Lamar were introduced to Compton’s vibrant and extensive hip-hop scene.

The couple first met as young adults while attending the local Centennial High School. They soon formed a bond that deepened over the subsequent weeks and months.

Shortly after, they began dating, and the couple announced their engagement in 2015, after being together for approximately ten years.

The Couple Became Engaged in March & Started a Family

On March 24, 2015, Whitney was presented with a large stone for her left ring finger while traveling with Lamar.

Amidst speculation, Lamar confirmed his engagement to Whitney during his appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club on April 3.

In 2017, rumors of her pregnancy began to circulate, although they were not officially confirmed.

They then welcomed their first child, a girl, in July 2019, and it appears that they recently had a second child in 2022. No details about the name and whereabouts of their children are available.

In any case, the public was surprised by the news that the rapper and his girlfriend were expecting their second child.

Alford Provided Constant Support Throughout His Career Journey

Since the inception of his career, even before he achieved fame, Alford has been a prominent presence by Lamar’s side.

Alford has supported him throughout all his prolonged struggles and subsequent triumphs.

He doesn’t refer to her as ‘I wouldn’t honestly call her my girl,’ intimating that he considers her to be much more than that.

‘She is my closest friend. I don’t need the label that society has assigned to people, but having a friend means I have someone to confide in when I’m feeling anxious,’ he added.

Whitney may not be a professional singer, but her vocals are featured on one of the rapper’s biggest singles, released in 2015 on his “To Pimp a Butterfly” album.

Whitney also made an appearance in the music video, showing off her diamond engagement ring. Following the video release, Kendrick promptly announced their engagement.

The Couple Made Several Public Appearances

Whitney and Lamar frequently appear together at various events.

In August 2018, they were seen together at the “Grammy Awards,” where Lamar was nominated for seven awards.

They have been noted as a stylish couple, attending numerous events together.

What Does Lamar Say About His High School Sweetheart?

Throughout several interviews, Lamar has openly expressed his affection for her.

He once remarked, ‘My girl, I could do nothing without her.’ 

Kendrick informed his followers that Whitney Alford is a vital part of his life and someone who has provided immense support.

With her, he can discuss anything and everything, including his concerns and insecurities. His popular song, “Love,” was dedicated to Whitney Alford, whom he adored.

Controversy Surrounding the Couple’s Engagement

Whitney and Lamar attended the same school as Dr. Dre.

As intriguing as that may seem, Rashida Marie Strober, a dark-skin activist, claimed Whitney was criticized for not being “black enough” for Lamar.

She even garnered support from several others. After learning of her engagement, Rashida Strober (a Dark Skin Activist) phoned Lamar and expressed her anger toward him.

Rashida criticized Lamar on Facebook for choosing someone based on appearance and labeled him as a hypocrite.

Opinions on their relationship have been divisive, with some dark-skin advocates criticizing Lamar for selecting a biracial woman as a life partner.

Whitney Alford’s Net Worth

Whitney works as an influential makeup artist, cosmetologist, and esthetician in one of the most affluent cities in the USA, such as Los Angeles, California, and The United States Of America.

Through hard work and dedication, she manages a cosmetology business in L.A., catering to a clientele that includes celebrated and wealthy individuals.

Whitney Alford’s estimated net worth is between $1.5 million and $2 million U.S. Dollars, as of approximately 2021.

Her partner, Kendrick Lamar, also boasts an estimated net worth of over $18 million, contributing to her growing wealth. 

As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to grow.

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